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Impact Of Google’s Change 4 Ad Layout On Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ever since Google’s conception in 1998, the company is always on a path of refining its search algorithm so that there is better consistency between the user intent and the search results. Google plays an equivalent game that is, if someone wins, there is someone who has to lose.  The only constant thing with this […]

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3 Tips For Writing Ideal Adwords Ad Text

There are various ways in which one can write Adwords ad text for one’s PPC campaign. Since the real estate for the same is limited, one needs to use characters judiciously and smartly, in order to generate traffic and sales revenue. We shall be discussing some of these simple tips to be kept in mind […]

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Optimize Your Budget & Local Paid Search With 3 Simple Steps

There are various ways in which one can optimize one’s budget and conduct local paid search. While doing online advertising, it is very important to keep the location of the service in mind, specially where the service or product is available. We shall look at 3 simple steps to do the same in an efficient […]

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