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4 Myths About Web Analytics You Should Not Fall Prey To

     -     May 10th, 2014   -     Web Analytics   -     2 Comments   -    , , , ,

Best website ever made in the internet world is like a sign board in the desert if it has no traffic. The frustration of site not providing expected needs can be worse than no traffic at all. This is why web analytics and optimization is highly recommend now a days. But as they says existence […]

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Worried About Dealing With Big Data? Follow 5 Simple Tips And Make Web Analytics Less Cumbersome

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Data, whatever you say to it for example, tremendous data, important data or redundant data has already crossed the boundaries of extremities what we call as infinity. We generally call this infinite amount of data as big data. Analysis and structuring of this ‘big data’ is one of the Hercules tasks in the world because […]

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