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Running A Restaurant? Check Out 3 Secrets Of Social Media Marketing To Achieve Great Success

Social media plays an important role in restaurant business because going to a particular restaurant is more of a personal choice for many of us. So, keeping a personal touch with each customer is very important to build customer loyalty and brand awareness in restaurant business. Here are 3 proven secrets of Social Media Marketing […]

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8 Social Media Marketing Tips For Sucessful Facebook Advertising Today

The physical world has boundaries, but the virtual world does not. As a marketer on social media, you need to be an achiever, who knows how to accommodate with the fast changing digital media space. To be a successful social media marketer, you need to be an effective watch-dog to understand and track the flow […]

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3 Inherent Components Of A Good Social Media Marketing Plan

Those days are gone, when companies used to dictate the market. Now both, the market and business are predominantly driven by the customers. The situation has turned to be very much challenging with the rapid changes and development in the digital sector, including digital media and social networking platforms. The companies, their popular brands, products […]

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8 Elements of Building Successful Community on Facebook

Facebook has been the hot bed of social media networking and has served several purposes for the marketers. One of these is building communities loyal to their brands. Some do it right & some don’t approach it rightly. Community building on Facebook involves some specific measures as discussed below: #1. Define the Objectives Trying to […]

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