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Top 3 Social Media Marketing Strategies By Leveraging Upon Pinterest

Here’s a fact:  69% of online consumers who visit Pinterest have a clear intention of purchasing products. So, is Pinterest a part of the social media marketing strategy for your business? It provides a huge opportunity for brand awareness and sales. The best part is that Pinterest has proven to be the most cost-effective platform for several industries. Twitter […]

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Use These 5 Tools To Improve Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest has emerged as a popular social media platform due to less investment and more benefits. People hold contests on Pinterest to reach the customers they wish to target. With every image being liked, pinned or re-pinned, you will your business grow by leaps and bounds. Just like any social media marketing campaign, it is […]

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Leverage Pinterest Social Media Marketing Platform For Small Businesses

Let’s talk about Pinterest tips and tricks for individual users. Need to improve your small business, then? Pinterest is world for every business, many different brand platforms for small brands are their marketing efforts and user base engagement needs? Can it improve customer reach and sales? Basically it doesn’t differ much, but it does differ […]

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Grow Your Audience Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a web and mobile application company, which operates an eponymous photo sharing website. One must sign-up to use. The site was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. It is managed by Cold Brew Labs and funded by a small group of entrepreneurs and investors. Pinterest CEO Ben Silber Mann summarized the […]

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Don’t Make These Mistakes In Pinterest Marketing

Social Media is a great way to connect with everyone. However, each platform differs from the other in a slightly different way. Pinterest is somewhat different than Facebook and Twitter. Not everyone is on Pinterest but those who have chosen to be on Pinterest are for a very specific reason. Pinterest is totally brand centric. […]

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Are You Too Afraid To Ask These Social Media Marketing Questions?

     -     Aug 26th, 2015   -     Social Media Marketing   -     1 Comment   -    , , , , ,

Marketing by any company is incomplete in today’s times without it being present in social media platforms, pages and search engine channels. In today’s world no marketing is complete only by traditional marketing strategies adapted by a company. Social media marketing of the company is of utmost importance as well. Every higher authority in the […]

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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs To Be On Pinterest

Pinterest is an attraction, needless to say. There are so many things to do in Pinterest. It not only deals with mouth watering recipes and gorgeous wedding outfits, but, there’s much more beyond it. Launched in 2010, Pinterest is expanding day by day with user base touch sky i.e., beyond limits. Pinterest is considered one […]

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Your Guide To Pinterest For E-Commerce

     -     Aug 17th, 2015   -     HowTo, Social Media Marketing   -     2 Comments   -    , , ,

Many marketers and companies think of branding and promoting their website with the old trend that is either marketing on Facebook or Twitter will gain success, they don’t feel comfortable to promote through other new social media channels available like Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, With so many options out there marketers often get confused of which […]

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Use Of Pinterest For Bloggers

Pinterest is a wonderful tool for bloggers. It’s full of demographic audience and the audience is increasing rapidly every day, so it is the perfect tool to bring traffic for bloggers & people love to see visual posts more than texts so it’s quite unique & popular more than other social media. So the question […]

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Pinterest To Roll Out Video Ads

     -     Jun 30th, 2015   -     Social Media Marketing   -     0 Comments   -    , , , , ,

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media site for sharing photos of same interest which is known as pins, and collection of photo’s known as pin board, it allows its users to upload photos and pin it on the board, user can choose to share the pins, if that pin is public others […]

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