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Talent Shortage? See How Digital Marketing Turn The Tables

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ManpowerGroup is a leading brand name that deals in providing innovative workforce solutions for various organizations, helps in uniting the potential of an employee to the power of business.  ManpowerGroup is a perfect platform for both large as well as small business firms across the entire industry, that connects through four important brands and their ultimate offerings: ManpowerGroup Solutions, Experis, Manpower and Right Management. manpower

It’s been ten years by now, when ManpowerGroup conducted it’s first Talent Shortage Survey, and has contributed to the market by bringing massive change.  After conversing with various CEOs and business leaders of companies across the 80 countries and territories in total, Manpower knows the depth of talent shortages, which almost every company is struggling with worldwide.

Aim For Conducting This SurveyManpower

ManpowerGroup recently conducted a survey with more than 41,700 hiring managers in 42 countries,  to get an estimated figure of the exact ratio of employers who are finding it difficult to fill positions, which are the jobs that are difficult to get filled with employees and why is this happening. Simultaneously, the employers were also questioned about the impact of talent shortages they are having on their businesses and what are the steps they are everyday taking to address them all.

How Digital Marketing plays the role of a Game changer in this situation

Digital Marketing itself is an ocean. Digital marketing remains a part of every individual’s life, irrespective of the fact whether they are connected to digital marketing or not. There are various options available in digital marketing one can choose from; such as marketing via social media platforms, usage of online marketing tools and techniques as per SEO perspective. These digital marketing skills emphasizes mainly on gaining popularity and will help you expand your business.

  • Digital Marketing enhances the awareness of brand and products to both external as well as internally targeted audiences
  • It plays a vita role in increasing acquisition funnel convert digital prospects into the main leads
  • It is important to keep a check on devising strategies for acquisition such as; which is more beneficial for an organization while driving SEO traffic: owned, paid, earned
  • Digital marketing evaluates an exact proportion of customer research, market conditions and competitor data of an organization

Digital Marketing guarantees to boom even at the time of recession. Digital Marketing plays the role of a game changer in such severe situations. As we can see, how the world is getting digitized your decision of opting for Digital Marketing as a career is an appropriate select. With its impressive approach, Digital Marketing is creating a strong impact on  the world of advertising and marketing. There are various modules in Digital Marketing you can work upon:

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an organic/unpaid process of improvising the web pages ranking of your website. Also, SEO’s job is to make it more visible on the top rank on almost all the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Optimizing webpages is one of the most important part of Digital Marketing. The one who is through with SEO details and techniques has a bright future in Digital Marketing.

2. SEM:

Another important aspect of Digital Marketing is SEM. It showcases the other method of increasing the visibility of webpages, with the help of sponsored placements and advertising. For a Search Engine Marketing specialist, it is mandatory to know about how to run successfully PPC campaigns, how to buy traffic via paid search listing, which maximizes the visibility of your web page on all the search engines.

3. SMM:

Social Media Marketing is playing the role of game changer these days in the world of advertising and marketing. This method of marketing is gaining a lot of popularity by promoting your website and its content through social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. If you want to become a good digital marketer, you should be well-versed with each and every aspect of social media marketing and how it is turning the world of marketing upside down.

4. Email Marketing:

Email marketing, is one of the oldest and yet most effective modules of digital marketing. Email marketing makes it easy and a bit personalized for you to interact and engage your customers & leads with your organization. By sending periodic newsletters, email campaigns, to the subscribers, you keep them updated with what all additional services and products your company is launching and are worth sharing with them.

5. Mobile Marketing:

Mobile is taking over desktop in the world of marketing. For instant updates, promo offers and information of customers’ interests, mobile marketing is most reliable. If you are a mobile freak, you can easily understand the concept of mobile marketing and can opt it as a career choice.

6. Web Analytics:

One of the most interesting aspects of digital marketing is Web Analytics.  It is a section that deals with traffic analysis, business and market research for a firm and helps in driving maximum website traffic. For example, Google Analytics is a useful tool. It gives a complete inside out look of your website and how it is improving with everyday activities.

Once you choose your specialization from the available modules, it will be easy for to build your career in the particular domain of Digital Marketing. Whatsoever marketing strategy you plan to follow religiously, in the end all that matters is that it should be business-oriented and should help you expand your business.

In the beginning of your career, if you are lacking the knowledge for required skills but still have yet have potential to develop and grow, Digital Marketing is a perfect platform for you. Amongst the several other career opportunities, you can blind;y leverage upon digital marketing for rapid personal as well as professional growth. Build a rewarding career in digital marketing by gaining complete knowledge in all the modules of Digital Marketing.

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