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The 3 Corner Stones Of SMM

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In the space of digital marketing, social media marketing (SMM) needs to be viewed with a different angle. First of all, the marketers should not perceive it at par with other contemporary jargon, such as online marketing, internet marketing or web marketing. The SMM is conceptually and operationally different than other digital marketing techniques or avenues. Here, our motto must be ‘marketing through networking’ but not the reverse. The basic purpose behind people join social networking sites is to get connected with their friends, relatives, colleagues and other relevant ones and to share with them their happiness, sorrows, achievements and experiences through texts, photos, videos, audios etc. It’s a platform where people search for social and emotional security, social and professional recognitions and appreciations for their work and contributions to various fields. More so, it provides freedom and wisdom to all either to accept or reject an ideology, idea or concept or to like some posts or not. However, this space could be leveraged well for fulfilling the business objectives, provided the following THREE corner stones are kept in place and strengthened.

  • Listen to Lead: Be an active and passionate listener. Instill the hope and confidence among the people that you are there to pay sufficient attention to them and to sincerely listen to what they want to tell. If we want to engage people effectively for a longer period of time, then we need to listen to them to understand their ‘changing needs and requirements’ to address their issues. By being a good listener you can create the base of a large number of followers and that gives you potential hope for your business. Don’t be judgmental, while listening to people on a social media platform. Rather, try to be more accommodating and generous to understand the ‘substance’ of their communication and / or discussion. This will definitely help you to succeed with the next corner stone.     
  •  Sell the Content: Unlike websites, here the content is not delivered based on certain assumptions. The content in social media must be more ‘social’ than ‘commercial’. The content’s commercial success depends on how effectively you have taken care of its social value addition. The content must have positive (youthful) energy to draw people towards it and it must contain an inherent motivation to drive people towards sharing it with others. Hence, the ‘viral’ effect to any content is more optimistic in a social media platform than any other digital media space. There is no doubt that you cannot pull audience to your website, unless you create a lasting impression on the social media. The content consumption rate is much higher on social media than any other space. So, create and provide a better landing page experience to your audience by effectively linking all your digital pages to your social media page. This would definitely create a better synergy of content circulation and visit over different social and digital media platforms.        
  •  Effective Advertizing: It is all about ‘the digital advertising through a social way’. It means your effective presence on social media space can give you relief from depending on ‘banner advertisements’ or ‘pop-up windows’. Hence, here you can understand the importance of this third corner stone in reducing your marketing expenditure. Here you need to be a very good story teller either through video or infographic. The essence here is to leverage the concept of social marketing than purely commercial marketing.

Have not yet given up my learning spree. Recently doing internship at Digital Vidya.

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    • 5 years ago

      Apurva Ramteke   /   Reply

      i agree that social media is a platform for people to connect and not for pushing any commercials and forcing people to look at it or watch it. But when people says rubbish/foolish about your website or commercial then how can you justify this point that don’t be “Judgmental” and try to accommodate yourself, rather it will be better to take a stance or action in a good way.

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