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Three linkedin company page tips to strengthen marketing

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LinkedIn company page is a magnificent way to show a community of professionals what their company can do. It also a great opportunity for advertising, that no marketer should pass up.
Benefits of a linkedIn company page
Benefits of a linkedIn company page includes engaging followers with:
• Company news
• Events
• Updates
• Relevant content
In fact a research showed that when Linkedln members engage with these company pages, they purchase more from these companies.
Below given are few tips on how to make LinkedIn company page work for the marketers.
1. LinkedIn page should be optimized
It should be showcased what a particular business can offer. Marketers who build out their product and service page attracts many company followers. This page should be used by marketer to tell things he is best at and firm reasons should be given on why they should follow him or his page.
The marketer can link to anything from his products and service page, to his latest case studies or greatest white paper. Best way to attract customer is by turning his products, services or anything else relevant to his business into focal points. Below given are few examples what to feature precisely.
• Products: the software that he sells and apps that are built.
• Services: tax consulting brochure or a list of resume writing services.
• Other: webinars that are hosted and company’s eBooks or whitepapers.
Company pages are search engine optimization friendly also and Google previews 156 characters of a page’s text, so a marketers should make sure that the description is well edited, so that it leads with powerful, keyword rich sentences. Words that describe company’s business, industry focus and focus should be included because members can search for companies using keywords in LinkedIn.
Company’s contact information, description of offerings and area of expertise should not be forgotten to include.

2. Audience should be engaged
A company can like and share its content through LinkedIn company pages. Since it is a big change, so it should be used engage other members. The messages can be easily tailored to the audience through LinkedIn’s targeted updates. Suppose when an update is created, it can be shared with either “all followers” or with a “targeted audience”.

3. More followers should be attracted
Given below are some useful strategies for attracting more and more followers with the company updates.
• Colleagues should be engaged
• A larger following must be cultivated with multi-channel approach
• A follow button should be added to the website

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