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Three steps required to promote your business through youtube

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YouTube is the most popular video sharing site online. A video of 72 hours can be uploaded on this site, there are approximately billion visitors to this site and 4 billion hours of content is seen by them in that time. Every minute videos are uploaded here. These audience figures and heavenly engagements has made YouTube a must use social media site for companies who want to promote their business through visual media.

It is essential to get your videos right, but at the same time the channels needs to be maintained as well. Before the videos you need to generate the correct channel to represent your business. After the videos, they need to be promoted online and the success of your content should also monitored.

Here are 3 steps on how to make most of your channel.

  1. <strong>Before the videos</strong>

If making videos for YouTube then you need to be cautious. You need the right equipment to make videos. For this you need a camera, editing software, sound recording system and employees to handle it all. But a much cheaper and easier option is you can use your mobile phone camera, depending on the quality of videos you want to create. So when you have equipment, start creating your channel. If you have a large company, then you can opt to have different channels for different brands. Mostly companies are advised to have one channel, where everyone can associate with your company. Channel should be named after your brand, or something that relates to your brand name. The subscribe button and logo should paced prominently, with subscriber and view counter at the corner. Put links to all your other websites and social media profiles at the top of the page.


  1. <strong> The videos</strong>

You can post dozens of videos on YouTube promote your brand and increase awareness about it with the public online. Here are few quick ideas on what to capture in those videos:

  • Presentation of products
  • Interviews with staff and experts
  • A tour of office
  • Videos explaining the product
  • Customer testimonial

Another fantastic idea is to live stream your events on YouTube. Tag your videos with relevant keywords, so that videos posted appears high in relevant searches.

The videos can be as large as you want. But it is best to edit your videos down because people have a short attention length on YouTube.


  1. <strong>Engagement</strong>

Start getting people to engage by asking them to subscribe to your channel. Use annotation to with the videos. Set your videos on other social media sites of yours and on your website. Create an introductory video that tells about your company, and post it on front page of your website. You can even create product videos and post them on your sales page.

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