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TOP 12 Social Media Marketing Books

TOP 12 Social Media Marketing Books

Social media marketing is the process of driving website traffic through social media networking sites. Creating a relevant and attention-grabbing content plays a major role in encouraging readers to share that content through their social media profiles. Social media networking sites play a vital role in the field of digital marketing, as they allow companies to interact with their followers individually.

Social networking are the real game changers, as 76% of businesses today runs through social media marketing skills. In recent studies, social media marketing has resulted in 133% hike in the revenues of an organization that utilizes social media as a platform for marketing their products and services.

Enlisted below are the TOP 12 Social Media Marketing Books, that a marketer can religiously follow to gain success in their respective social media marketing campaigns.

1. The LinkedIn Codethelinkedincode

It is essential for a digital marketer to know “How to crack a LinkedIn Code”. LinkedIn is a major platform for building and expanding their professional networks. It is a powerful business-building tool, which tends to attract a wide range of leads and clients.

The LinkedIn Code by author Melonie Dodaro, will help you gain more leads, more clients and more prospects utilizing the latest strategies outlined in this best-seller. LinkedIn has played a vital role in the expansion of the Melonie’s business, as it helped her receive more than 70% leads through the same. The LinkedIn Code is the key to crack all the secret codes that are essential to operate LinkedIn for a true business growth.

2. The Tao Of Twitterthetaooftwitter

“Thanks so much for Tao of Twitter. After nearly giving up on a client, I finally just handed them this book and, at last,they get it!” — Dayla Arabella

The Tao Of Twitter by Mark Schaefer, is one of the most famous and beneficial versions of marketing book classic. The best-seller guarantees to focus on all the key points; from the basic formula behind Twitter business success to 22 best ways to use Twitter platform as a competitive advantage. This book gives more than 100 ideas to make Twitter easy to operate.

3. The Art Of Social Mediatheartofsocialmedia

The Art Of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick, provides over 100 practical tips, tricks, and insights that will help the reader to emphasize on your social marketing strategies. The book contains “great stuff, no fluff” and guarantees to help you thoroughly in effectively integrating social media.

4. Social Media Explainedsocialmediaexplained

“There is not an executive on the planet who doesn’t need to understand social media and how to harness its power. If you’re that executive tasked with allocating scarce marketing resources, Social Media Explained will be a game-changer.” Anne Deeter-Gallaher, President ADG Marketing

Social Media Explained by Mark Schaefer, is one of the best-selling social media books launched recently in 2014, still ranking amongst top 10 recommendations. The book resolves the purpose of fulfilling education, that isn’t just knowledge but action.

Social Media Explained is sectioned into 4  impressive sections. The first section of the book covers how social media works in order to expand your business. Also,  this section comprises of all the important questions and objections that are essential for a marketer while summing up all the social media initiatives. Followed by a case study, MARK shares his concepts in action with the readers. The other important feature about the book is that it contains “Questions leaders need to consider” after the end of every chapter.

5. Network Marketing For Facebooknetworkmarketingforfacebook

Network Marketing For Facebook by Jim Lupkin and Brian Carter, is a perfect guide for all those marketers who are looking for direct sales via Facebook. The book comprises of 12 chapters in total. These chapters teach you how to build a successful network market on Facebook. Also, the book contains 12 interviews with renowned distributors and owners of different firms, who earn more than $100,000 per year through Facebook network marketing.

6. Welcome To The Funnelwelcometothefunnel

Jason Miller teaches all the companies how to reach on the top of the funnel, through his book Welcome To The Funnel. The book helps all the marketers in increasing brand awareness, building customer trust, establishing credibility and ultimately gaining utmost revenue.

7. Connectconnect

Connect by Mike Kawula reveals more than 100 mind-blowing strategies that are essential for growth of any business via social media marketing strategies. The book mainly emphasizes on “how to leverage social media to advance your business”.

8. Social Media Marketing Toolkitsocialmediamarketingtoolkit

Social Media Marketing Toolkit gives a straight-forward preview to what and how social media effectively boosts up your business. The book by Naya Lizardo, one of the leading writers provides various tips, tools and tactics for a successful social media marketing campaign.

9.  140 Twitter Marketing Power Tips140twittermarketingpowertips

Shea Bennett, the author of 140 Twitter Marketing Power Tips is one of the authorities on Twitter. The book is a perfect Twitter marketing resource, as it will help the marketer to generate more leads, obtain more followers and grown your business via Twitter.

10. Make Facebook Work For Your Businessmakefacebookworkforyourbusiness

Make Facebook Work For Your Business by Alex Stearn, is a one-stop destination for marketers to lead a successful Facebook marketing campaign for their firm. The book gives complete knowledge about marketing via Facebook by demystifying the complete process of social media marketing.

The book focuses upon identifying and finding the ideal customers for your firm, and will help you generate new leads. The book will teach you how to drive heavy SEO traffic to your website.

11. Social Media Marketingsocialmediamarketing

Social Media Marketing by Darren Stock, is a perfect marketing guide. The book offers a variety of social media marketing tactics, which provides numerous tips and strategies that are beneficial for all social media networking sites; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more.

12. Marketing with Social Mediamarketingwithsocialmedia

Marketing with Social Media by Linda Coles, is a hands-on guide, specially designed to guide you promote your business through social media platform. The book contains 10 basic steps that will lead your business to success.

LINDA COLES, the author of this book is a social media specialist, which will the marketer to make the most using online tools to build and expand their business networks.

Please tell us how useful these books have been for you. Leave your comments below in the comment section. If you want to enhance your learnings shared by these writers, then leverage through these top social media marketing tools for better results.

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