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Top 15 Ways To Promote Blogs On Social Media

Top 15 Ways To Promote Blogs On Social Media

Blogging is an essential part of online marketing. It is one of the ways to be in touch with your customers and entice them with new information. Search Engines also love new content and blogging helps to add new pages on the website. However just writing fresh content is not enough. It also equally important to make the content available to readers at a click of a button. So the content should be available at platforms and forums where the reader or customer visit frequently. These could be through online forums, online chats and discussions, emails and Social Media. Most people think that once the content is shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, it reachers the target audience. However what they don’t realise is that ‘It is just half the work done’. If the author desires to make the most out of its blog post then he can follow the following practices consistently to increase visibility: blogging

  1. Give appropriate Mentions and Credits

It is important to tag important keywords. It can be specific related to a topic or a brand or a person. E.g you are writing a blogpost on an article “Top 10 Social Listening Tools”. You can tag these tools in your article and while sharing on Social Media sites can give appropriate mention using @Tool and article name or via hashtag. There is a possibility that the person might take a look at the article, atleast the part they are mentioned in. If they like it they can share it to their audience. This is true with people not in the network but searching for information via hashtags.

  1. Using Popular Post To Your Advantage

A popular topic by someone else can be used to increase the views for our blogpost. E.g What Maggie Nestle Could Have Done On Social Media? article is popular on social media sites with lot of retweets and shares, then you can write your views and post it on the comment link. You can even share the popular article on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter along with the  link of your views for the readers. This can help to increase the visibility and social sharing.

  1. Graphs and Charts

Diagram in the newsfeed is a definite way to grab attention. People love hardcore facts. It ia a hallmark of accurate information. Article with data in the titles have 175% more chance of being shared on social media.

  1. Retweet Post

Retweet every post of your article that is shared on social media. It is a way of indirectly promoting the post and also letting the audience know that it is a good article to read which can be judged from the number of retweets.

  1. Write Articles in Partnership with Another Author

When you write articles in partnership, you are getting access to an untapped audience. Your co-author will have a following on social media. When he shares this article in his circles coincidentally you also get access to his circles. This will automatically increase visibility of your article.

  1. Intriguing Titles

In the clutter of information available, title helps you to separate your article from the rest. Lets take e.g of two tiles and determine which is more intriguing and likely to get clicks. E.g Maggie Nestle: Crisis Management on Social Media or Do you know what Cadbury did and Maggie Nestle Didn’t Do to handle ongoing crisis on Social Media or Do you know Maggie Nestles Crisis Management Strategy. Lets find out. The title which asks questions makes the reader feel that he is not aware of certain important information which the article can give him. This entices him to click and share the article.

  1. Ask For Vote

You can make people participate by taking an opinion poll. E.g Did Maggie Nestle Successfully handle the ongoing crisis on Social Media? Favourite for Yes and Retweet for No. You can even add a link of your views at the end of the article. Or may be after few days when you have got the public opinion you can follow this post with an article based on the comments and research data from the opinion poll. This post will get more visibility as readers are already interested in this topic.

  1. Share Statistics in Title

You can share a statistical data to entice customers to click on the post. E.g 40% increase in people accessing information through mobile apps followed with a link of your post.

  1. Share Quotes

Sharing a quote from an article can be interesting for readers e.g ‘That’s why be a member of the 5am Club’.

  1. Develop Memes

You can find an ugly image and connect it to your post. Something that people will get nostalgic about.

  1. Reshare post when a related news is in a limelight

Suppose you wrote a blog post sharing your views about the future of a relatively new sportsperson and in a matter of year or two your predictions come out to be true then you can refer to your old post and share it again on social media.

  1. Direct Messages

You can even send Direct Messages to the people you have mentioned in the post. If they like the article they can share it in their circles.

  1. Share Comments

If people are discussing and sharing interesting stuff in the comments section you can post  a short discussion and link it to your post.

  1. Create a Teaser Campaign

Teaser campaign is very popular where target audience is provided with bits and part of the information before the actual launch of the product. This same tactic can be used for well received or anticipated posts for a particular month say January like Latest Internet trends for upcoming year etc.

  1. Piggy bag on Old Posts

If your old post did really well you can piggy bag on that post to promote your current article. E,g You wrote a post on Internet Trends last year that was well received then you can link it to your current title and say that If you liked that post then you will surely like this post too. It is a way to remind your target audience that they like your post and consider it worth reading and sharing.

Thus all the above strategies coupled with analytics will help to achieve the desired results.

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