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Top 3 Benefits Of Linking Your Google Adwords Keyword Planner Accounts With Google Analytics

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What is Google AdWords Keyword Planner?

Google AdWords keyword planner is a combination of two tools viz., Google keyword tool and AdWords traffic estimator for the relevant keywords used. Google Keyword tool will give you keyword suggestions and number of times it is used by different websites but will not suggest you to use particular one. It will provide you a long list of keywords based on your search list. You can use them by collecting them in an excel sheet or using any other tools. It can be effectively used if you have a Google AdWords account, which helps you in identifying prominent keywords having more demand. Google AdWords traffic estimator will help you in finding high preferred AdWords keywords leading more traffic towards your website. By using AdWords keyword planner, you can optimize your website with relevant keywords related to your site and at the same time, you can add some AdWords having high demand on your site increasing web traffic towards your site. By using Google keyword planner you can search for the relevant keywords and can have a glance of previous statistic reports resembling keyword performance. You can choose the AdWords depending upon your budget and competition with others. Thus by using Google keyword planner, you can get help in choosing relevant keywords and AdWords to optimize and advertise your product or firm on Google and other search engines based on PPC.google_adwords

What do you mean by Google Analytics?

Google Analytics tool will help you by tracking number of visits gained by your website. It will maintain complete statistical report of your website resembling number of visitors visiting your site, bounce rate of your website, real-time statistic report based on current visitors on the site, web page details on which they are present and location details of visitors, device they are using while visiting your website, geographical stats representing web traffic and sources of web traffic viz., organic or inorganic traffic, first time visitors or regular visitors, social media, AdWords etc. As it maintains complete analytical report of your website, you can check the performance of each page frequently and can detect the bad performance of web pages based on drop down percentage of visitors on to the page compared to previous number of visits. Based on the report, you can detect the poor performance of website regarding its content, drop down percentage of bounce rate etc. By this, you can optimize the website improving its performance. With the help of Google Analytics, your time will be saved and your website will be under perfect

Top 3 Benefits in Linking Your Google AdWords Keyword Planner Account with Google Analytics

Both tools have its own prominence in optimization and promotion of your website. Google AdWords keyword planner will help you in suggesting relevant keywords and appropriate AdWords that leads to promotion of your website. Google Analytics will help you by providing statistical report representing performance of your website through which you can optimize it (if necessary). Both tools have its individual benefits aiding towards your business profits. Thus by linking these tools together, you can avail both tool benefits at a time.Combining-Google-Adwords-and-Google-Analytics

1) Analyse the Performance of Keywords and AdWords

You can notice the change in results after linking your Google AdWords keyword planner account with Google Analytics. Your time will be saved as both tools will work hand in hand with each other. Moreover, you can find more keyword and AdWords suggestions for which your website traffic will be raised. Along with keywords and AdWords insights, by linking Google analytics to your Google AdWords keyword planner account, you will get frequent on-site reports like bounce rate, number of visitors visiting the website, time spent on each page based on your keywords, AdWords, back links etc. From this clear analytical report, you can check whether the keywords and AdWords used in your website are bringing right web traffic or not. If you find any dip in this web traffic, you can optimize keywords and AdWords of your website at that instant itself. Along with optimization of keywords and AdWords, if there is any dip in web page performance and web traffic towards it, you can improve that web page according to your necessity. Thus by linking these tools together, you can detect the problems beforehand by which you can take required measures immediately to improve website performance.

2) Data can be Imported Easily

If you are running an E-commerce website, then you should import your goals and transactions related to the website into your Google AdWords account through which you can gain the trust of customers and can understand each other prospects effectively. By combining these tools, you can track your sales report of your website and from which source they are obtained like through AdWords campaigns, keywords, organic search, inorganic search, Ads, pay-per-click (PPC) etc. By this report, you can improve your E-commerce website sales by conducting bids using AdWords conversion optimizer. This optimizer will help you in managing your website ads by displaying them at particular instants where there is a chance of increasing conversion rates to your website. Google analytics will take care of all these reports automatically and will help you in detecting abused visitors who are creating disturbance to other visitors of your website. So that you can warn them, changing their behaviour.

3) Helps by Re-Marketing

First of all, by linking Google AdWords keyword planner account with your Google Analytics account will benefit you by providing unlimited insights for improving your website  and its traffic. Another best part of this link is – it will help you in re-marketing your website for previous customers. This is done by tracking the first time visit results of visitors, through which it will build a list related to their interests and requirements based on Google analytical report and metrics. Using this list it will send Ad mails to the previous visitors promoting your website by using re-marketing technique. By re-marketing, web traffic towards the site will increase effectively.

By linking these tools, you can examine complete performance of your website based on statistical report representing number of visitors visiting the site and time spent on each page. From this report, you can optimize the site by optimizing keywords and AdWords depending upon necessity. Ultimately, linkage of these tools will help you in leading your business to success.

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