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Top 3 Tips To Enhance Mobile Advertising Experience

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With the ever-increasing number of mobile phones and having outnumbered the users, it has become evident thatmobile-advertising mobile phones are accessed almost every time throughout the day. The sole reason why most of the companies have created mobile version of their websites.

Furthermore, efforts are being made on how to enhance the level of mobile advertising and marketing experience. There are plenty of ways through which the techniques on how to develop the apps and website design for better results. It has come across that there are merely less than five percent of app users that make IAPs and paid apps fall further, thus indicating a shift towards mobile monetization.

Thus, the time has come when the focus from ‘Why to advertise’ should turn into ‘How to advertise’ so as to ensure a smooth and engaging user experience for the users. To help solve your query and allow you to create a better user experience, we put forth top 3 tips to enhance the level of mobile advertising experience:

  • Enlarge the vision by diversifying the ad formats

While including mobile ads into your app, ensure that you develop a premium experience by creating a dynamic structure for the users and this can be done through the formats. So, use an amalgamation of video, display and other customized options so as to enrich your mobile ad.

  • Personalization Ad Segmentation is the key to success

Once you have identified and analyzed the area, then you can focus on how to give the mobile ads’ experience a personal touch. This is so because, there is every possibility to customize and give a personalized touch to make your customers give a better experience, thus resulting in improved performances. Herein, A/B testing shall surely come to your rescue, thus enabling you to experiment and then generate the results so that it gives the best end results and help you to leverage upon that.

  • Assign Control Power to User

Undoubtedly, customer is the centre of focus around which all the operations are conducted. Thus, every effort must be made to make the ads more engaging and interactive for better experience to the end user.

Do you know of any more tips that can help to enhance the level of mobile advertising behaviour? Share your opinions.

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Interesting Tips!! Mobile marketing is the new and latest trend . So for the successful online business every Ebusiness companies must adapt these tips.

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