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Top 3 Web Analytics Mistakes Ruining The Business While Using Google Analytics Tool

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Can anyone know a person who had never made a mistake in his or her life? Lets try to relate this word with brand title ” Being Human” because mistakes are inseparable from being human. Human beings from all walks of life make mistakes. But lets not justify doing mistakes rather try to keep a check on ourselves, and so is the technology, keeping a check on errors, meant to make life easier. Business have to pay huge price for their mistakes, so if we get an opportunity to learn from other’s mistake then we should grab it.

The framework shown below highlights the scenarios which should be considered while pursuing Web Analytics specifically through Google Analytic tool.

1. Not testing Google Analytics(GA) code on different CMSs :-

GA code is based on Java Script Technology, therefore code needs to be tested on important webpages in large website. Large websites with different CMSs (Content Management System) are content driven and technology based system. For examples, GA code is tested on  topic page, booking page and loyalty page in case hotels and airlines websites.

2. Not being ready for multi-domain set-ups :-

Global Websites receive traffic from multiple domains like locations, languages, more sub domains, servers etc. In this case, websites should go for documentation for GA code in order to avoid the breakage of code

3. Not enough trainings :-

Sometimes working on GA tool can really become complicated because basic GA is designed for single set-up. If GA being used for multiple set-ups, then it require lot of customization, documentation and testing. Therefore, to work complicated space, technology and marketing staff needs to adequately trained to understand technology needs, kind of work, time lines and GA features completely to make data useful for business decisions

Since this is not the exhaustive list of mistakes which amateur and experts do in Web Analytic space, therefore, some more tips needs to be taken care in web business like Easy URLs for websites (re-write analytics in complicated scenarios) can be helpful and Setting KPIs for staff only after discussion and consensus can also have fruitful results.

Visual display from Youtube is attached for your reference

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    • 5 years ago

      Nikhita Reddy   /   Reply

      Nice post. Good explanation of the dont’s that one should put in mind while using google web analytics tool.
      Very informative post.

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      The technical jargon used in the post and their interpretations made the post very much technical. Practically speaking I could not understand. Is it possible to make the post lucid so that freshers too can understand?

    • 5 years ago

      Karun Takkar   /   Reply

      Thanks a lot Nikhita!

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