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Top 5 Alternative Tools To Google Analytics

Top 5 Alternative Tools To Google Analytics

We are describing top 5  alternative Web Analytics Tools to Google Analytics here.

charbeat logo1. Chartbeat

If you are in the publishing business, then Chartbeat is the Web Analytics platform for you. Chartbeat has developed a very detailed and insightful web analytics tool for online newspapers having high readership.

Newspaper Editors are always on the look out for content that attracts traffic. That gives them insights into what content the public is looking for and thus they can decide their content strategy. Ad Sales Executives always want to place ads for their clients on high traffic content. Thus it is important to find out which content is holding peoples’ attention for a longer time. Knowing peoples’ choice, the next thing is to capture audience attention and page optimisation. Finally, from historical data analysis, performance reporting and benchmarking can be done.

The Editorial Dashboard in Chartbeat is central to all data analyses in Chartbeat. It shows all the vital dimensions in real- time. It is quite neatly laid out and visually appealing. It gives a complete situational analysis in one viewing. See the figure below. In one layout, you get metrics such as currently active visitors, new vs returning visitors, Top Pages, Traffic sources, referrers etc. You can get quite an insight into the happenings at your website.

chartbeat dashboard

Chartbeat dives deeply into the world of publishing and media. It has got a special cell called as ‘Chartbeat Labs’ that conducts continuous research and testing into audience attention behaviour on news websites. It has got great testing features so that you can experiment on headlines, position of content on the page etc. It is hardly a surprise that global publishing giants such as the Financial Times, Forbes, TIME magazine, New York Times, Disney etc. are on the client list of Chartbeat.

mint logo2. Mint

Mint is a web analytics tool with a very neat user interface layout. This combined with a very affordable 30 $ one-time purchase price makes it ideal for beginners and for small and medium enterprises. Mint offers all the standard web analytics features such as visits, referrers, searches, Pages, browsers. One unique feature is ‘Bird feeder‘ which reveals feed subscription patterns as well as click-throughs from individual feed items.

mint features

Mint tracks aggregate visitors, but individual browsers, screen size etc. can be tracked by an add- on. Mint gives real- time data and exact metrics. Mint does not give Bounce Rates, Page on time data and does not offer testing.

woopra logo3. Woopra

Woopra is a versatile Web Analytics tool that can be customized for different businesses; the various plans are Basic( which is free for non- commercial use), Silver @$11.95 per month( for upto 2 million transactions per month and 5 users), Gold @$39.95 per month( for 1 million transactions per month and 10 users), Titanium @$149.95 per month( for 5 million transactions per months and 15 users) and Premium @$349.95 per month( for 15 million transactions per month and 15 users). Woopra Analytics are designed to adapt to your business and put the most important data front and centre, making it simple to find the insight needed .

Woopra tracks individual users and builds their comprehensive profile. It syncs all the customer data, not only from the website and mobile apps, but also from other touch points such as email, helpdesk and live chat in real time– thus Woopra offers a complete 360 deg view of your customer. This helps you build dynamic customer segments which are updated dynamically as their behaviour changes in real– time.

custoemr profiel woopra

You can also watch a single user’s path on the website in real- time. Woopra also offers tracking of anonymous users on the website till they identify themselves.

One of the striking features of Woopra is that you can chat with the visitor in real- time. A window pops us on the visitor’s site so that you can interact with him.

Funnel Analytics ie, the point where on– line customers drop off is also well-organized in Woopra. You can pin point where your customers drop off and take corrective action; also ready comparisons of conversion rates of different segments are available.

Retention Reports give details of repurchases, revisits to your sites etc. to determine engagement of your customers. The Dashboard is quite neat and smart with geographical heat maps for easy visualization .

Woopra is easily integrable with host of other apps like Salesforce , where it can create a lead if a customer behaves in a particular way or the Mandrill App to find email opens.

This is an up to date and smart Web Analytics platform adaptable to a wide range of industries.

clicky logo4. Clicky

Clicky provides real- time web analytics. Clicky offers great features such as individual user tracking with option to attach custom data to users such as email address or name. Full history and activities of users can be analysed.  On– site analytics is a unique feature of Clicky through which you can see the exact number of visitors on your website and webpage on each page. You can also view the details of those visitors.

Clicky provides value added information such as market shares of browsers, operating systems, search engines etc.

piwik logo5. Piwik

Piwik is a free and open source web analytics software with no data storage limits on volume and time. It is continuously evolving over time due to the worldwide developer community network. Piwik can be used on the mobile also.

Piwik offers standard web analytics measurements such as visits, goal conversion rates, downloads, keywords etc. It offers real- time data analytics. The reports’ visualization is good and there is a good on- line help.

piwik report

piwik report 2

Additional functionalities are available by adding new plug-ins from Piwik marketplace. Any number of users and websites can be tracked. It is a very good tool for the beginner and small and medium-sized organisations.


We have had a brief overview of five web analytics tools other than Google Analytics. Each one has some or the other unique features. The selection of the best tool for your business depends upon your objectives : individual vs person tracking, integrations with other platforms, cost, support, ease of installation and usage etc.  You can also refer the Blog Post Guide to compare best Web Analytics Tool for your business for more information on features of Web Analytics tools. Also see the video below.

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