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Top 5 Alternative Tools To Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is the most prevalent tool that works well for any website or blogger. Its famous on the grounds that it’s free, as well as in light of the fact that it presents a huge amount of data that will help you to optimize your site by providing key insights on metrics about how people found your site, where they went on your site, and even some demographic data about them. Also, it’s free (until you go past the allowable free limit of 10 million site hits for each month. After that point it will cost you around $150,000/year) and plus, it has a lot of components that see regular updations.

However, it is possible that you don’t like the thought of Google having entry to all that information from your website. On the other hand, the different issues with the tool simply do not merit enduring it?So maybe Google Analytics isn’t the right instrument for everybody. The one noteworthy disadvantage is that it tends to lag by at least 12 hours, so the measurable data that you are getting is not real time per se. There are additionally some criticisms that it isn’t the best tool available for SEO. On the off chance that you are searching for distinct options for Google Analytics, below we have provided a list of alternatives that are equally good or better, depending on your key requirements.


piwik-analyticsPiwik is an open source analytics tool gaining steady popularity, particularly since a great deal of corporate organizations no more permit Google Analytics on their ownership policies. Piwik keeps running on both PHP and MySQL, which is not of any issue for most web users.

Piwik interface is really simple to use and is web based. Website owners and bloggers alike are given complete support with an extensive variety of diverse plugins, which makes installation a whole lot simpler. Piwik is also exceptionally quick in loading different screens so you won’t be stuck sitting and doing nothing, which is something that Google Analytics makes you do. Apart from the regular report system of different metrics, its users can save notes and attach them to any previous date. The various features like transitions, page overlay, row evolution and custom variables gives users an extremely efficient way of organizing their marketing strategy.



woopra-analyticsWoopra besides being a great alternative to Google Analytics, also boasts of having one of the coolest user interfaces among the analytics tools available in the market. Also, you will be happy to know that it was developed by former Google employees.

It is designed to help organizations optimize customer behavior by giving insights of individual website visitors and aggregate analytics reports of all visitors. Besides giving reports, it also provides a behavioral profile for each user in real time, which is very helpful in e-commerce business decisions. You can also actually talk to any of your visitors through the options given. That being said it is also customer friendly so if you have any questions about the tool, it features a live chat customer support.



clicky-analyticsA highly recommended and demanded web analytics tool after Google Analytics, which can be used for numerous functions. Clicky has numerous features that can be executed on different dimensions. Heat maps visibility and capability to connect it to your goals, split tests and more can easily be tracked with it. Extremely straight forward interface, easy to navigate, no flash components that take time to load or require additional plugins. It has real time analytics, individual visitor log, funnel/path analysis, heatmapping, uptime monitoring, and split testing, making it one of the most powerful analytics tool after Google Analytics.



KISSmetrics-analyticsKISSmetrics is an event based tool. Their tagline says it all, “Google Analytics tells you what’s happening. KISSmetrics tells you who’s behind it.” This can help you get to the core of your customers worth. This tool focuses more on people’s data. If you are an e-commerce site then this is a great tool to work with. The insights provided by the Kissmetrics, will help you to develop your own strategy to convert regular visitors into loyal customers.

It has features like unlimited reports, A/B split tests, data segmentation, cohort reports, and if you get the professional plan you also get a dedicated metrics specialist and personal consultation. It is high on customer intelligence and, which connects all your data to real people. If you use multiple devices and browsers then it also connects your data to a single person in KISSmetrics.



chartbeat-analyticsA new and off the beaten track kind of a tool, Chartbeat is a refreshing change from the other Google Analytics rip-offs in the market. A key plus point – real time data. There are two dashboards in Chartbeat – a real time dashboard and a historical data dashboard. The real time dashboard has a ton of unique features, such as scroll mapping, page density, idle visits, monitoring of movement, and even retweet and brand metrics.


There a lot of other analytics tools available in the market like Mint, Reinvigorate, Adobe Analytics, MixPanel, FoxMetrics, etc. You just need to find one that suits your needs and get down to serious business decision making to rake in the revenues.

Image Credits: piwik, woopra, clicky, KISSmetrics, chartbeat, yoast, technologyadvice

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