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Top 5 Tips To Choose Right Keywords In AdWords

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Want to boost your traffic on your site in a short duration?

Is it possible to drive traffic in such a short duration?

And just pay not for the entire duration of the campaign but just for the visitors you get?

The answer is YES


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps us to achieve all this, SEM is a more directed campaign than email and the effort bear fruits more quickly unlike SEO. In SEM we pay when a visitor clicks our ad which is called Pay Per Click (PPC). Where advertisement are located and how much are we paying for each click is dependent on the bidding of the ad words.

Ad words helps you to be seen by the customer at the very moment when they start searching for things that you offer. The ad words has 2 aspects in it the keywords and the ad creatives. Using these ad words as discussed we can reach more number of customers at the right place and time with either a local or global reach according to our requirement.

Story time:

What led the Sunrise Consultancy Service head towards the Online Advertising and Google Ad words?

The Two Suns in the SKY, How did it started?

When the Sunrise Consultancy services started its operations in the year 2005 it focussed more on E-mail marketing, later which they realised that this channel was not very efficient in targeting their potential customer base and they kept lying as spam or junk in inbox.

This left the Consultancy in deep thought and later they decided to step into online advertising and ad words.

Sun Rise Consultancy Services aim:

The aim of this company is to provide a strongest site that holds information about top companies in India. With this aim, the founder Mr. Rajiv Ajmani has launched a site in 2005, a unified portal for companies looking for sales contacts and jobseekers.

Two years later Mr. Rajiv realized that the objectives and the target audience are different and this lead him to create separate portals for each. The portal is a sales tool providing companies information about key professionals at prospect firms for their sales and marketing strategies. The other site provides the database for job seekers.

How did Ad words support?

As the company has 2 different sites that serves different business goal, they had to be careful in directing the traffic proportionally to both the sites which is very challenging.

The company discovered that they had separate target base or each site by simply targeting them to correct network. Mr. Rajiv says they have realised that the Google search network is working well with the sales tool and the Google display network bought in better results for

They created adds with different ad text variations like for created ad texts highlighting with words like ‘sales’ and for they included phrases around ‘jobs’. Thus their concern for driving traffic to both their sites proportionally was solved using Google Ad words.

Mr.Rajiv also explained that within 2-3 years of starting with Google Ad words they saw an increase in traffic for both the websites. He also stated that for every 8000-9000 visitors that came on, 1000 came from Google Search Network directly and also Google Ad words brings alone 70-80% of the traffic.

Why Mr. Rajiv preferred Google Ad words?

As we already stated at the beginning the “basic advantage of Google ad words is that you get charged only when someone clicks on your ad, and reaches your website, which is not the case with SMS or email marketing” says Rajiv.

The determination of the Return on Investment (ROI) was also very easy for the company as Google provides tools like “Google Insights for Search” and “Google Analytics” that gives a fair idea of the ROI, the company currently is dedicating 90-95% of its budget on this channel and the rest goes to SMS marketing.

With significant experience with the Google words the company gained they made this channel as their prime marketing medium.


Making Google Ad words as their prime marketing channel is a huge risk the company has taken, even though it assures guaranteed traffic to the sites against a certain investment one needs to be an active participant in the campaigns and choose titles, provide descriptions and images, understand keywords, conversion of keywords, and so on in order to utilize Google Ad words for earning profit. A failure to do so would lead to bankruptcy. We have to constantly monitor whether keywords we are using are bringing as just the clicks or to any sales conversion because with just the clicks business won’t be profitable.

Thus a lot of factors come into play for a successful campaign.

General Tips for any campaign:

  • Title Line: It holds equal importance in Google Ad words as do the keywords. Titles usually attracts the users to your site and convert them to sales. Google has an affiliated network that displays just the title line of the ad. The title line can be as long as 25 characters.
  • Descriptions: They justify the titles as well as the ad campaign and convince users of their benefits with the clicks
  • Directing Link: This link is the CALL TO ACTION and this direct the user from the ad to the most relevant page from the searched keyword point of view. Once the user clicks this link the website needs to pay the amount per click, irrespective of purchase or bounce back. Therefore the direct landing page should be relevant and good enough to convert each click to sale.
  • Active Site: The website with light weight is ideal because once when the user clicks the directing link, he is directed to the site and if the site takes time to load the users usually bounce back which means we get billed for the clicks and not the profit from the clicks.
  • Budget Controlling: The keywords had to been maintained and controlled according to the budget of the campaign. If a keyword is just getting clicks and not converting it into sales the specific keyword should be removed. Keywords and budget should be well distributed.
  • Relevancy of Ad’s: Relevancy of keywords to the landing pages is given the highest priority by many of the search engines like Google, yahoo etc. Relevancy plays a very crucial role in the pay per click campaign.
  • Finally the firm Goals for a Google ad camp should be firmly established and can play with the keywords according to you goal.

Image Credits: Google

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