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Top 5 Website Metrics Every Marketer Should Track

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Let us discuss on the key five metrics that should be tracked for the better analysis of a website

1. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate metrics

Bounce rate metrics

Bounce rate is the percentage of single page visit, ie the number of visits in which a person leaves the website from the landing page without browsing further. Bounce rate is one of the most powerful metric in Google Analytics. The higher bounce rate indicates the poor performance of a particular page. This is the key indicator to optimise a particular page especially the landing page. What can be the reasons for high bounce rate? Some of the key reasons are discussed below

  • Quality of the content – It’s important that we provide good content to the visitors .Relevant and interesting content ensures low bounce rate.
  • Poor Interface – Easy to navigate and explore the page makes the user interaction simple.
  • Wrong keywords – It’s important that the keyword used for SEO is relevant for the content of your website. Wrong keywords can bring wrong people to your website.
  • Distractions in the page – User will not prefer to be on a webpage where there is lot of distractions. Too much of ads and images can keep the visitors away from the webpage.

The advantage of Google Analytics is that we can find the bounce rate based on different parameters. We can find the bounce rate based on the following.

  • Medium
  • Source of traffic
  • Landing page
  • Page Title
  • Location
  • By the traffic from various devices

How can we find the Bounce Rate using Google Analytics

  • In the general overview under Audience menu, we get the bounce rate
  • Site content in Google analytics gives the bounce rate of all pages in your website.
  • In page analytics in Google Analytics also provide the bounce rate of a particular page.
  • From the Dashboard – Referral Traffic Dashboard.

2.Conversion rate


Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors completing a particular goal in your website. High conversion rate indicates the performance of the website. The reporting of conversion rate is based on the Goals that we set in Google Analytics.

A conversion happens when a visitor performs a particular task. This can be subscribing for a newsletter, filling up forms, downloads from website, a purchase of product in case of an ecommerce website etc. So it’s important that we set a Goal for understanding conversions. Google Analytics provides option to set up to 20 goals.

Let us discuss some of the major conversions depending upon the goals set.

  • Signing up for new letter.
  • Completing a purchase in case of an e-commerce website
  • Filling up form.
  • Liking the page and sharing it on social network case, in case of a content website.
  • Ending up in the thank you page
  • Duration of visit
  • Downloading a video, clicking on to a specific link, etc

Google Analytics gives option to find conversion based on keyword, landing page from organic search etc. Once the conversion goals are set up we can find the conversion rates from various reports.

3.Traffic source

traffic q

Traffic Source in Google analytics is the report that provides an overview of different kinds of sources that send traffic to a particular website. To get report on traffic source  go to Acquisition in Google Analytics. Here we can get report on the following.

  • All Traffic gives a quick overview on the traffic coming to your website.
  • Channels give the details of various channels through which traffic comes.
  • Source/Medium describes from where the traffic comes. The source is the place where the users were before vising your website. Medium shows how the user came to your website.
  • Referrals give the domains which gave traffic to your website.

Traffic source reporting is important that it gives insight on the performance of various marketing channels.



Keywords are the search words which bring traffic to your website. Keyword analysis helps in identifying the performance of your SEO. It is thus required to continuously track the key word. To get the keyword report, go to Acquisition and click on Adwords. Keyword report can give you insight into a new keyword which you have not optimized for your website.

keyword 1

To get the reports on paid keywords and organic keyword, click on Campaigns under Acquisition.

keyword 2



Visitors are the unique users who spends time on your website. It is important to know the behaviour of visitors. In Google Analytics we get the report on visitors based on various parameters. We can get the report on visitors based on following.

  • Age and gender of visitors
  • Language and Location
  • Whether the visitor is new visitor or returning visitor
  • The browser or OS from which the visitor comes to your website
  • Number of visitors from Mobile
  • The traffic source
  • Visitors from various campaigns and events
  • web-analytics

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