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Top 6 LinkedIn Tools For Assured Success In Social Media Marketing

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Top 6 LinkedIn Tools For Assured Success In Social Media MarketingLinkedIn, the most popular social media channel for career and business, is widely used by companies of different sizes. LinkedIn helps to network with professionals, vendors, and customers. This channel is also used to track marketing campaigns effectively.

Here are top 6 LinkedIn tools to ensure success in social media marketing.

1. LinkedIn PulseTop 6 LinkedIn Tools For Assured Success In Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn Pulse provides visual feeds of news, RSS, blog feeds to smart phones, and social media network updates. This is a great tool to customize the way we read news online.  We can log in to LinkedIn Pulse using LinkedIn user name and password and then synchronize with what we are following.

2. Outlook Social Connector

Using this tool, we can easily synchronize LinkedIn contact data with Outlook express. This way we can get information about friends and colleagues. Here we can view status updates of our contacts from different networks.

3.  Five Hundred Plus

This is a wonderful app to be used with LinkedIn accounts to make the best out of our connections. This app would help us track LinkedIn connections effectively and let us know the last time we connected with someone on LinkedIn. Using this app, we can decide to whom we need to contact immediately to  keep all the connections intact.

Top 6 LinkedIn Tools For Assured Success In Social Media Marketing4.  SlideShare

SlideShare, a leading social network site owned by LinkedIn,  is a perfect platform to share webinars, PDF files, YouTube videos, sales and marketing presentations, OpenDocument presentations and Keynote  privately or publicly.  SlideShare would let the users  to rate, comment, and share the content they like.

5.  SyncME

SyncME app is used to synchronize smartphone with latest pictures, contact numbers, email addresses of all connections on LinkedIn. This app automatically synchronizes with LinkedIn and Facebook accounts whenever any changes were made  in the profiles of any connections. When this app is active, we will able to see caller’s photo on our phones.

6.  Oktopost

Oktopost, a social media management platform for B2B companies supports all leading social media networks that include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. This app measure the effectiveness of social media networks and thereby enables us to calculate the return on investment on each social media channel. Oktopost can be used with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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