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Top 7 Blogs To Grow Organic Search Traffic

Top 7 Blogs To Grow Organic Search Traffic

People feel really happy to get something free of cost. Organic traffic is one of them. Almost all the websites have learned the importance of organic traffic. This is the reason why new innovative ways of getting the website at the top of Google search engine is in greater demand. People are trying different experiments for making their websites visible to their targeted customers but the most important thing in building up their authority over the internet platform to make their website popular is often ignored.

The fact that the relevant and emotionally driving content is the key to gain visibility in search engines and different social media platform is often overlooked. And, this is the reason why many of the top websites are facing trouble in increasing their website visibility. Even after covering most of the measures of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, they fail to constantly create unique contents to amuse their prospects. As a results, either their website is ignored or visibility of their boring contents decrease day by day. The need of constant mechanism to produce different relevant interesting contents is not given proper care to build up their pace. It is seen they there are content who actually brings in a large number of visitors but there are some who have a negligible effect on the number of visitors in the website.

Why is it so?

A list of 7 Different kind of Blogging to Grow Organic Search

Whether it is a novel, a story or a blog or a content of any website, the writing style of the author matters a lot. If you are writing a novel for new age youth, you better write it the way youth of new age would accept it, or else hard to think if you can handle the criticism of your dearest novel. The thing is, you must know for whom you are writing. Possible readers must have to be identified if you want to make an effective content.

It is hard to throw a book with bullshits on it, as you have already spent your money on it. But, the world of e-books and online contents is different. Most of the stuffs they you will find online are free of cost, and blessed by lots of options. In that case, readers will start switching to some other topic as soon as your content start boring them. This will ultimately led to loss of one potential customer from your website, which must be considered serious in case you don’t want your website to drop down to the bottom of Search Engine Ranking.

People are trying hard enough to get the secrets of a content that can bring them golden eggs out of it, in a regular basis. Sadly but mostly they end up with craps instead of there dream golden eggs, as they are not looking close enough into the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods. There are actually 7 different kind of blogging in order to grow organic search of your website. Yes! That’s true this 7 methods of blogging can bring you a big fortune by making your products popular among your reader of those contents. So, more the reader more will be your visitor and more chances of conversion for a lead to real trustworthy customer.

Let’s walk through the 7 different types of blogs:

  1. Graphical Representations


There will always be a sum of people who are quite restless. All they do is to skim through the pages in different websites until and unless, something catchy grab them by their eyes and make them stop. Graphical representation of data is something like that, which is also technically known as Infographics. This infogarphics are really helpful for that sum of people who don’t really like to read a lot or, this may prove good for the people who may be with a flight to catch.

This Infographics are really attractive and many love them. You don’t need to go through a 2000 words content to know what actually author is trying to tell you. Infographics can give you the importance of what is in it, in just few minutes. Not just that, scientifically people can memorize graphical representation faster than a 2000 words content for sure. So, next time they moving in different sites they will still be able to recall what your content have said to them.

  1. Use of Unbiased Book Review


No matter how many E-Book websites keep bragging about their visitors, there will always be a sum of people who will like to go with good old days of reading books through real books. Holding them with both their hands and lost in their imaginary world made by the author of that book. And that book loving sum of people will always be a majority, until and unless government gives a shoot at sight order for people cutting trees for any purpose. Well! I don’t think that day is somewhere near, before the age of our civilization runs out.

This is why a book review blogs makes lots of visitors in it. People don’t don’t want to waste their money on a book with bullshits, and they best way to find out about the book is to ask those who have read them. This can be made easy by making a book review blog for all those desperate readers. This can obviously help you get some organic traffic.

  1. Be the thought leader


Innovation, creativity is something that creates a difference in the blogs. And most important is to be the first to seize that idea and not just whisper but shout out loud to the public and let them know that you are the one who got this Unique Idea. If you want to keep visitors waiting desperately for your next content you have to stand out of the crowed. You must constantly give your readers something new that is not provided by any other blogs.

Your contents must have to deliver the naked truth of the topic that they are looking for. Make them believe in your contents and your name that you are the one who is providing them the authorized facts behind the topics that they are looking for. This is how and this is the only way you can be the thought leader for your readers. And when you have achieved that level, Google will pour down a huge sum of people into your website overnight, as a miracle.

  1. Use of Third Party Data


When there is buzz about something, something that have caught lots of attention of the users you can always win all those crazy fans of that buzz just by floating a tip to know how. For example: Let’s take the virality of the song ‘Why This Kolavari”, many experts are on to it to know its worldwide popularity in that short time. Now, if you are the one to crack the code and give a tip to make people’s videos as viral as that of ‘Why This Kolavari’, you can just imagine the number of visitors that you will get over night through organic search. All that you need is the data behind it with a catchy title. But the problem here is can you extract the real trustworthy data out of all the junks floating over the internet?

  1. Product Reviews


Just like the book review products review are one of the most look up blogs in the Google Organic Search. Thanks to all those skeptical minded person for not taking it easy, with the sweet words of a product advertisement. Most of the people are really scared to gamble around a product without even know how it will turn out to be. So, wiser ones never bet without checking for the reviews of the product. Here comes the role of a blog make it easier for all those smart peoples to learn about their product through ratings and different reviews and comparisons. All those people can be the visitor for such blogs through organic search results.

  1. Guides

why-partners-must-embrace-digital-marketing-slides-63-638 (1)

No matter how good a products or service is people will all ways need a guide to walk them through the process and use of the product. A new product or any software might have a manual in it. But people still trusts Google search engine better than that guide.

Funny thing is that, most of them don’t even look for a manual for using new product, they just Google it on how to do it. This leaves a great opportunity for all those blogs who can provide such step by step instructions for use of those products. A win- win situation for both readers and the blogs as all those users will be a result of organic search. But the secret lies on better understanding of what kind of guides people often look for.

  1. List posts


Most people really hate those contents that kick them to keep reading there content without letting know the specifics of the topic. A content without lists or specific number of points curbs the freedom from user to save time or skim through their useful part. Blogs with lists makes it clear from the very beginning about the aim of educating reader on the specific topic. This makes easier for the visitors to decide whether to continue reading or jump to next. If the visitor is your targeted segment of the content, they will obviously wait for the content to get over and gain something useful information out of it.


Understanding what readers want from you is a very critical thing. It’s not an overnight job to decide what to write, that can bring in, a large number of people through organic search. But if you are looking for optimizing your website in such a way that you gain a large number of organic search visitors, you can make use of any of the about blogging style or may be all those styles in different categories to get maximum number of organic search visitors.

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