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Top 7 Google Operators For SEO’s & Content Marketers

Top 7 Google Operators For SEO’s & Content Marketers

What do you normally do when you need answers for any? Whatever might be your solution, I am sure that cannot beat Google and other search engines. But have you ever noticed when you typed a word or phrases for searching something in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. that you can actually find multiple number of pages giving you different links as your search results. And sometimes you might find no results for your search. Among all the search results displayed, how many of you go for the results in next page other than the first one? Have you ever wondered what makes a link to go up the ranks in Google search engine or any search engine? In this piece of content you will find all those important Google operators for SEO’s and content marketing.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

When you search something in Goggle search engine, the process which ensures, what type of results will come up on the top of the page is decided by SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO or Search Engine Optimization can also be defined as the process of influencing the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine. Every search engine provides rank for different websites in their database.

SEO - Search engine optimization

There are few factors that actually influences the ranking of websites in a search engine. They decide it according to the amount of internet traffic driving into the website. This can happen only when you have used optimizing methods for making you visible at the top of search engine. This includes use of effective tools and repeated use of trending keywords inside your contents in the website. An attractive content and ads are the main reason that makes someone to click the link and get into your website thereby increasing your website traffic.

What is Content marketing?


Digital Marketing have opened up lot many new sectors that need to be studied. One of them is the field of content marketing. This is a trending subject in a digital marketing course as the recent cases of different companies like Coke, Procter and Gamble have seen the potential in content marketing. They leveraged content marketing in order to gain more and more number of customers.


Where it comes for the traditional form of marketing i.e. push marketing or inbound marketing strategies, an eye catching content or ad is the main factor for driving the people towards their products.

Need of Google operators for SEO’s & Content marketing

Google operators are actually pre-defined operators which are assigned for displaying particular type of search results. We can make use of this operators for getting better results. Now, when we know the factors which can make our content or website visible at the top of the page, we can make use of the same Google operators for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization.


Take the example when you are searching for ‘Google operators’ in search engine, you may not find all the contents in the results containing the phrase in same order but when you use the Google operator – double quotation i.e. “Google operators”, you will be able to find only those content when the exact same phrase.

List of Top 7 Google Operators and their use

Let us look at the different types of Google operators available for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Top 7 Google operators have been listed out below for your use in Search Engine Optimization and Content marketing.

  1. “Site:”

The “Site:” operator is used for getting the results of a single domain. You will be able to look into the page of different websites. Type “Site:” followed by domain name immediately after the colon. This will help you get each and every contents inside the domain rank wise.

Now suppose you are looking for a writer the best way will be to use “Site:” operator and check the writers of the best blogs according to topics that you wish to check. Example: site: inbound marketing

Other than that you can use minus “-” operator just after the colon to exclude the particular location. Example:

You can also search pictures by using this operator.

  1. “intitle:”

This operator have a great use in content marketing. By using “intitle:” operator you can get only the particular topic that is followed after colon as a result after search. For making a trending content you must have to be updated and look into similar contents, this operator comes in use during time.

  1. “inurl:”

When you are looking for websites that accepts guest posts you can make use of this operator- “inurl:”. This operator ensures that only the words and phrases followed after the colon is returned as results. By the help of this operator you can even find contents by the location.

  1. “OR”

It’s a pain to keep typing the operator again and again to get your results in case your search item have multiple topics. In such cases this “OR” operator can help with you minimize the pain of typing the “OR” operator again and again.

  1. “*”

Asterisk is a very handy operator. There are times that you won’t know the exact name of the topic in those cases, asterisk “*” operator can help you find similar types of contents as your search results.

  1. “filetype:”

This is an operator which comes handy when you are searching your contents in a particular file format. Suppose you are looking for a content in document or pdf file you can use “filetype:” operator.

  1. “Cache:”

The “cache” operator is a very useful tools for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In SEO it is necessary to keep a track on different webpages. In that case “cache:” is the perfect operator for you, which and return you the cache version of the webpage and the last visits.


All this tools that is listed here will prove the real essence of it in SEO and content marketing as it will minimize your efforts by making your search results precise. So keep using to get used to it.

Image Credits: davidsmithsegarra, popandroll, valuewalk, business2community, communities.bmc

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