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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs To Be On Pinterest

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icon175x175Pinterest is an attraction, needless to say. There are so many things to do in Pinterest. It not only deals with mouth watering recipes and gorgeous wedding outfits, but, there’s much more beyond it. Launched in 2010, Pinterest is expanding day by day with user base touch sky i.e., beyond limits. Pinterest is considered one of the best social media platform for a business to market their products and services. Below are the top 7 reasons as to why a business, for instance, say your brand needs to be on Pinterest:

Source of information

Pinterest is a window that has added as a new trend and hype within your reach. Searching for trends and seeing what others are pinning in your industry can provide some serious insight into the next big thing that your company can and should be jumping on.As per the latest reports, more than 70 million users use the social media channel, means you can gain some serious insider information just by clicking around a few boards from time to time.

Initiate your knowledge and skills

Pinterest is a great place to join a conversation and establish some long-time control over something. For instance,If you’re a health company, spend time devoting knowledge on health, fitness and nutrition. If you’re a car dealership, dedicate skills to various cars and car care advice. The boards your company displays can show how plugged in and controlling you are within your own field.Because 80 percent of the total pins on Pinterest are actually repins, you don’t have to constantly put out your own photos. Unlike many other channels, where individuality is everything, it’s actually better to repost other people’s ideas and think of yourself as a curator, more so than an advertiser.

Superb platform to advertise

It’s also an excellent platform for advertising. Right now, only 5 lakhs have active Pinterest accounts, compared to 25 millions who have active Facebook pages. Even though Pinterest has been around for a few years, it still puts you ahead of the game when it comes to hopping on and establishing your own brand’s Pinterest presence.Advertising on Pinterest can be incredibly successful for one main reason: photos on the social platform link directly to your company’s page. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, where a post directing users to a webpage requires an obvious, visual link, on Pinterest, simply clicking the picture can bring users right to any company’s front-digital door. This can be an incredibly profitable advantage, especially for retailers who can post pictures of their latest products with direct links to where consumers can buy them. They key to Pinterest is eye-catching images that will be shared multiple times. Remember, since 80 percent of the content over there is re-shared, that gives your new content a pretty good chance of hopping into that re-pinned 80 percent of the content.

Right platform to promote deals and discounts

Pinterest, being a viral, sharing community, is an ideal place to boast special offers and deals your company is handing out. The key is to make them visual. Simply printing “50 percent off” blatantly won’t do it, but pinning a photo of your latest nail polish line with a “25% off” caption can go a long way (especially on a site dominated by about 70% of women).

Platform that helps in crossing seas

Social media platform itself has recently seen great success with its international expansion. In just one year, Pinterest has seen a 125 percent increase in international traffic. That means that if you’re hoping to go international too, it can’t hurt to jump on that bandwagon.It’ll surely be a successful one.

Direct data visualization

Pinterest offers its own analytics tool for businesses. It shows users how many pinners are pinning from their site and clicking through to their content.It also shows which pins are being shared the most, giving business owners a better idea of popular trends within their industry.

Tendency of getting in more mobile traffic

75 percent, of Pinterest’s users come through on mobile devices. So if you just launched an awesome mobile-friendly version of your own website, Pinterest could be a helpful tool to get more mobile users coming through. Remember that Pinterest impressions and repins don’t necessarily mean traffic to your site, but it does give you a good shot and some spectacular free advertising.

Here are a few basic tips and tricks to help get you started on the fast track to Pinterest popularity: 

  • Everything that goes up should be totally visual- no boring words- only awesome photos and graphics.
  • Vertical images tend to get repinned more on Pinterest than horizontal ones. Generally speaking, the longer and skinnier your photo, the better it will appear on the social platform.
  • Don’t go crazy with your own content. It’s great to advertise on Pinterest, but you also need to be part of the conversation, so remember to pin other people’s pins that you think your followers would enjoy or find interesting.
  • Add watermarks to your photos, just in case people write over your captions when they’re repinning your stuff.
  • If it makes sense for your specific company, integrate your homepage with Pinterest by adding the pin button to your website.
  • Pinning frequently is good. 5 million pins get pinned on any average day, so make sure you’re pinning regularly to stay on top of the news feed.

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