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Top 7 SEO Tips For A Growing Business

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Have you ever thought of what is the basic requirement for business growth? Every business requires creation of traffic, revenue and ultimately ranking in different search engines. So, SEO is the best option to achieve these three pillars since it does not involve investment. One of the most famous SEO expert, Matt Cutts says “SEO is a marathon, not a sprint”. Achieving traffic and ranking is a slow process but an effective and long lasting medium.  You should keep an eyes on the competitors to. Here are,the top 7 SEO tips for a Growing Business:-

 keyword-funnel1. Keyword Research – If you adopt SEO method for any business then you need to do some homework regarding keywords. It is important because the first thing that search engine see are the Keywords. There are a lot of free tools which provide the best suited keyword list. Few examples are Google Adword tool, Wordtracker, SEO book keyword tool etc.

2.  Onpage Tips – Keeping in mind the On-Page Tips and working on it will reduce 70% of work. There are a number of factors that affect the ranking of Website. Hence, one should work on those factors.

3. Fresh Content – Google appreciates fresh and unique content. The content needs to be created in such a way that people get attracted. Publishing about your products,services and events is necessary. The need of generating more traffic, content should be updated often. Visualization of contents has become fo the means of attracting traffic. Adding relevant images and videos plays a great role.

4. Citations – Now a days, Citations has become a new fashion for ranking specially for localized and growing business. The next question is, “What is citation and how it is helpful for any business?” The answer is as follows:-

Citation is the means of showing your business’s name, address and other information. It also includes name, address, pincode, reviews for your business, G+ listing, brand awareness, content etc that helps to build the trust among users. Local Citation is  a safe way to help promote business online and is not related to spamming.


bigstock-Social-media-concept-210992965. Social recognition – One should concentrate more on Brand awareness rather than selling their product/services. It is advisable to create an account in all social media platforms mainly on facebook, linkedin, twitter and google +. He? she should be socially active and promote their product/services, news and events buy by efficient use of these social media platforms.This will emerge as an effective step towards gaining more attention of people.

6. Reviews –  Customers should be encouraged to write a review about your product or services. Also, provide timely responses to the customer’s questions or queries.


7. Backlinks – If content is the king then backlink is the queen. The objective of backlinking is not to make your link appear natural but your links are natural. One should link pages which have  PR more than 4. Buying the link should be avoided since it’s illegal and now considered as “Black Hat techniques” by Google. The relevancy of the site  in relation to yours is emerging as one of the most important factors that Google uses to weigh the potential of backlinks ranking.

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    • 5 years ago

      Forum Seo Forlia   /   Reply

      I love your tips especially for social signals. In my country, Indonesia, social media is the biggest media community. That’s all seo services use social media to reach high visitors.

    • 5 years ago

      Sneha Nimje   /   Reply

      Thanks for your appreciation Forum Seo Forlia.

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