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Top 9 Social Media Marketing Myths You Need To Free Yourself From Now

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To some marketing professionals social media marketing is the next big thing, a powerful fad that must be made use of while it is in the limelight. For others it is still a technical jargon with no practical results and complicated learning curve. According to a Hubspot survey 2014, 92% of marketers understood the importance of social media in marketing while 80% claimed they have witnessed increase in traffic on their websites with optimal use of the social media marketing strategy. Further according to Social Media Examiner, while 97% of marketers are currently using social media but a whooping 85% of marketers are not sure about the best tools available for the same. A lot of myths are attached to social media marketing and the article is an effort to clear the air about it.

9 Social Media Marketing Myths are debunked here-

1. Myth 1- Social Media Marketing Is Free

The truth is that social media is free but not social media marketing. We all know creating an account on Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter, StumbleUpon is free. But like any other marketing methods, social media marketing entails a cost. The primary cost involved is of content development. The blog posts, status updates, tweets all require joint efforts of writers and  editors. After creation of content, it is passed through rigorous internal checks. Thus, producing and publishing content is time-consuming and therefore involves cost. Besides after content is created, the organisation needs to put efforts at promoting it so that more and more people can read it. This requires search engine optimization, making use of Google Adwords and so on. Hence for social media marketing  to be effective, it has to be well planned and not necessarily free.

2. Myth 2-Results Come Quickly On Social Media Sites

The truth is social media is about building relationship with people on online platform. But remember, you build relationship with humans and therefore it is no way different from building relations in an offline environment and building relationships takes time. Another point to take into consideration is people don’t come to social media sites to buy, therefore it is a platform to encourage people to talk about the product without being overly obtrusive and sublimely increasing the recalling power of consumers. Thus results shall be coming slowly but surely.

3. Myth 3-Social Media Is For Kids

A popular perception is that social media is for youngsters, teens and kids and marketers are unable to locate their target audience on the social media sites. But the fact is Facebook experienced 276% growth in the age segment of 35-54 in 2009 and still is the largest growing segment. Therefore, it is not for nothing that 92% marketers are using the online platform.

4. Myth 4-Social Media Does Not Help In Building Quality Relationships

A lot of people believe that nothing can compensate the impact of personal touch in meetings and therefore social media completely fails here. Well with the onset of internet, our world has truly become a small village where anybody and everybody can know about others without even moving out of their comfort homes. Here lies the true power of social media and building relationships online is like building it on any other platforms. Even though you may not be able to convert a large proportion of your leads into business, you still leave an impact on their minds which shall prove useful in the future.

5. Myth 5- Social Media Is A Fad

Social media has become very much a part of our daily lifestyle and a recent study even concludes that people spend highest amount of their internet time on social media higher than e-mail. So, it is not a fad but a new and innovative means of communication especially for people who are always on the go. So, it’s not just a craze which will eventually cease but it is something here to stay.

6. Myth 6- Social Media Is A Cure-All

Social Media is a new means to reach out to prospective customers, people who don’t know about the product or services offered by your company. It is enhancing your reach. Once you are able to bridge the gap with conversations, you need to follow it with proactive selling. So, social media is no panacea. Social Media is just another way of business communication, building a brand. Rest functions of the business remain intact.

7. Myth 7- Social Media Will Replace Real-life Networking

The fact is people still carve to meet others face-to-face. The intimacy and trust that is fundamental to any relation is built strongest with personal interaction. Social Media can help find out people who shall be interested in your services. Once interest is displayed by people follow it up with personal chats, meetings and the goodwill the gesture will bring is immense.

8. Myth 8- Return On Investment On Social Media Platform Cannot Be Measured

The truth goes as everything is measurable on social media. The measurement in social media is in terms of the increase in brand awareness and brand recognition. It is calculated in terms of the amount spent by prospective consumer on the website, the number of pages he navigates, the number of visits and comments he puts up. Here, the focus is to build a long term view of the results achieved and not just short term increase in sales.

9. Myth 9-Anybody Can Do It

The fact is social media is now a niche field where expertise of people comes very handy. People with years of experience in blogging, initiating conversations, generating content are precious resources. Any common person with no knowledge of it will spend a lot of money into it with little response and results and in the process will lose another precious resource that is time. Therefore, one will have to invest time and money to learn this new skill and payoffs will follow.

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