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Twitter Contests: How to make them Successful?

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We all are aware that contests can be a great way to expand your reach outside your core followers. In fact, most of you might even have participated and created contests on Facebook. Now it’s time to consider Twitter contests.

Similar to Facebook, there are various types of contests that can be organized on Twitter. Announcing your contests using an app can help not only build an email list, but also allows the participants to share the same on twitter as a way to verify entry.

These are just some of the basic things that you need to know during the process of organizing contests on twitter. But now, since you have gotten your feet wet, it’s time to make a big splash in the pool. Creating a contest is not very difficult, but if you also want to make it popular, you have to integrate these innovative tips that allows your audience to participate in your contests over and over again.

  1. Understand the rules: Just like Facebook, Twitter also has its own set of guidelines for running contests. These guidelines can easily be found of Google. Just make sure that in addition to these guidelines, you also create different types of contests every time as monotonous activities can sometimes take away the interest of the users.
  2. Create a hashtag for your contest: Hashtags is one the best advantages of organizing contests on twitter. It can be a great way to keep up with conversations and also with your contest. By creating a hashtag for your contest, you can engage with the participants and also post reminder tweets when only a few days are left for the contest.
  3. Promote your contest – In addition to following Twitter guidelines and hashtags, it is also important to promote your contest in various social networking sites. In fact you can also create exclusive opportunities for your followers and fans and in return get a chance to create a huge reach through them.
  4. Set your contest details – Before announcing your contest, it is important to figure out these details: the timeframe of your contest, prizes that you’ll be giving, eligibility, theme of your twitter contest.
  5. Build your contest – It is important to ensure that the contest entry page should be simple as well as exciting. In order to get people motivated about the contest you need to create attention grabbing tittle, prizes that you’ll be distributing to the winners, entry submission form and social sharing buttons.
  6. Monitor your contest – For every contest that you create, you might be having different outcomes expectations. Whatever, is the objective of your contest, whether to generate email leads, develop new followers or increase engagement, monitoring your contest will help you in achieving better results. In order to monitor your contest, you can set Google Alerts and make use of Hootsuite, which is a monitoring tool for social networks.


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