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Twitter Redesigns the Web App

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Twitter is a micro blogging website which recently announced a complete revamp and overhaul of its desktop web interface. This announcement was made so that the experience of visiting the popular one to many text messaging service on smartphones is better.

Twitter rolled out a redesigned version of its web app which looks more like its apps in iOS and Android. Its new look replaces the dark black navigation bar at the top of the site with a clean white design, whereas the navigational elements  like connect, discover and so on remains the same.

The new modification made on twitter webpage is basically cosmetic. No new tools are added to the webpage. Neither new features are added to it. The profile picture and background art are moved to upper left side, and his makes it more convenient for the users to compose and tweet messages. Interestingly users now have an option of personalizing their new profile pages with accent colors.

Earlier Twitter went on a testing phase of the new design far back in November last year. The cosmetic design had then incorporated a more prominent look for the logo. The inline compose box however is the biggest change made this year along with elimination of the pop up compose box. The box can still be accessed through the new tweet button in the top right corner.

The change come as users increasingly take to visiting social networks and other online properties from mobile devices instead of desktop computers and laptops.

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