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Types of Facebook posts that can generate leads

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52% of all marketers sourced lead from Facebook in 2013 according to the 2013 state inbound marketing report. But this also means that 48% of marketers have not sourced a lead from Facebook in 2013. So to catch up with this difference a little boost is required.

Let’s start from the first place i.e. defining what is a LEAD? Lead is a potential sales contact, can be an individual or organization that expresses interest in someone’s goods or services. People can show interest in several ways either by completing an online survey or by requesting a demonstration.


  1. DIRECT LEAD: Such leads are generated by sharing content that connects directly to form on the website of that particular company where visitors can share information against an offer.
  2. INDIRECT LEAD: Such leads are generated through Facebook. For example if a blog post is shared that have a call to action to a landing page at the bottom of the page, thus initial Facebook share is helping direct users to that landing  page.



  • Links should be included in the caption

According to an analysis which was held in late last year it was revealed 53% likes photos on Facebook pages. Thus photos are an important part in generating lead if the marketers includes a link back to their website. This shows the importance of visuals in the Facebook strategy.

  • Build up forms on Tabs

Forms can be built on a custom tab on the page. Basically forms on Facebook serves the purpose of landing pages. These forms encourages the visitors for special offers on exchange of information from them.

  • Facebook chat can be hosted

Facebook chat is a place where discussions are held on common topics. It is a group basically where any Facebook user can gather and discuss on a particular topic. Marketers can also use this Facebook chat to bring together fans and can discuss on a topic that the company has selected.

  • Call to action can be used on cover photos

By doing so leads can be generated through Facebook cover photos. This wouldn’t have been possible if Facebook had not removed the clause from the Facebook page guidelines that stopped users from using call to action in the caption of cover photos as well as in the cover photos.

  • Facebook events should be made for webinars

A Facebook event is more visible in the news feed than a standard Facebook post. Thus fans receive notification for a particular activity on that event page and then marketers can register them as a lead on separate landing page.


Thus these are a few ways by which Facebook lead can be generated.

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      Sir Its really nice blog.I have learnt so much.Can you pls tell me how can i give link to the keyword in FB post

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