Uber: Driving Change In Transportation With Digital Marketing

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Uber_app_iconAbout Uber :

Thanks to Uber for providing reliable, punctual and comfortable service. I really appreciate founders of Uber, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp for executing such an amazing idea of cab service through an app! In merely 6 years of its existence, uber is currently valued at $70 Billion, more than the market value of Ford, Honda and GM. Uber is an American international company that develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile app. Uber is basically a platform that uses innovative technology to connect you with a driver with tap of a button. Not only this, if you are interested to make money you can be an uber driver with your car and your schedule. Be your boss!

Uber Objectives:

  • Uber’s key focus is to provide dependable and readily available transportation service.
  • Uber’s goal is to continually expand globally and bring its services to different cities to allow riders and drivers to connect.
  • To take over the cab industry by being the most cheap, easy ride all over the world.
  • To eliminate private car ownership.
  • To provide all types of logistical and transportation services where it operates.

Mission –

Transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere, for everyone : just tap a button and your car arrives in minutes.


1. Email Marketing: Primary means of communication for Uber is email marketing. Uber optimally uses email marketing. Uber used two recent  efforts to update its customers. One is promotion of the service and providing various offers. The other is an email that provide information regarding any and all objections to the service. One is a simple postcard that touts the benefits and makes a special offer.

2. Inbound Marketing:Uber does remarkable inbound marketing by first attracting its prospective customers. It does so by giving credits to every new customer and to the already existing customers who refer them to Uber. These Uber credits give value to both its old and new potential customer. By doing so, Uber converts its leads successfully. Then, Uber closes its opportunities smoothly by sending an automatic receipt through email and also asks for rating immediately. The rating is done from both customer and driver end. With its successful inbound marketing, I am also one of the official uber user out of 8 million users that are spread across 60 countries.

3. Social Media Optimisation: Uber is active on Facebook, instagram, twitter, Uber has taken ‘surprise and delight’ to an entirely new level. Uber is liked by 3 million people on Facebook and has around 143k followers on Instagram, 348k on Linkedin and 438k on twitter . Messenger now enables its millions of users to sign up for Uber with one tap and request a ride, all without having to leave Messenger or download the Uber app. Uber updates its followers with their latest service on special occasion through all these social networking websites.

4. Strategic Partnership: Uber believes that any app with a map is a potential Uber API partner. They partner with various companies like: Zomato, BookMyShow, PayTm, FourSquare, MiniCooper, Expensify, Hinge, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Momento, OpenTable, Starbucks Coffee Company, Tempo Smart Calendar, Time Out, TripAdvisor, TripCase and United Airlines.

5. Influencer Marketing: Uber’s ‘Rider Zero‘ campaign roped in key influencers from every city to try out Uber’s service for the first time ‘secretly’ and tweet about it. Uber used influencer marketing to reach out to millions of followers each of these celebrities has on Twitter to create a significant buzz around the Uber cab service.

Uber had offered play-time with cuddly kittens on National Cat Day, Christmas tree delivery in December, helicopters to the Hamptons on July 4 and also partnered with a condom company for Gay Pride Week – the other two companies can’t come close to its unpredictability in the marketing arena. Uber adopted digital marketing instead of commercial ads on tv or newspapers.

Results :

  • Uber app is available in 60 countries and over 300 cities worldwide (Source: Uber)
  • It fulfils one million rides daily and has over eight million users (Source: Uber)
  • In 2011, Uber raised $44.5m, followed by $1.2bn in 2014 and another investment from Baidu at the end of 2014 (Source: VatorHigbeamTechcrunch)
  • In the US, Uber has over 160,000 active drivers (Source: Benenson Strategy Group)
  • More people are using Uber than taxis now. 

Learnings :

1. The Uber app is very user-friendly and simple. One can quickly enter the basic and most important information like credit card details by just scanning instead of typing to complete the sign up process.
2. Uber provides better services than other taxis. It provides clear overview of pricing prior to booking, one-tap rides, follow drivers on map, cashless convenience, fare splitting as well as feedback options.
3. Uber keeps transparency with its customer related to its services and charge for the trip. It provides full details regarding distance, average speed and fare details.
4. It’s primary means of communication with the consumer still remains SMS and Email which seem to be working fine for the time being. Uber has invested a lot on their blog (newsroom.uber.com) to document their efforts and keep its customers updated on the company activities.
5. It is truly moving from 4Ps of Marketing to 3Cs: Consistent, Contextual and Capability.
Image Credits: Wikimedia
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