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Use Social Media Marketing To Build A Profitable Business Within Days

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We live in a world where ‘Social Media’ is no more an alien term.With rise of social media everyday it’s impact on business cannot be ignored.Multinationals,SME’s,Startups etc. are realizing the importance of Social Media for their growth in the future.Everyone wants to make their presence felt on various Social Media platforms and use Social Media Marketing to expand their customer base.Not only do they want to add more customers to their kitty but also create a profitable business around those customers.According to Social Fresh,Social media marketing budgets are projected to double over the next five years.Looking at the future prospects every business should leverage the power of Social Media Marketing to drive profits out of their business.

But mere investments in Social Media Marketing won’t be effective.It requires a planned strategy and consistent efforts to make the most out of Social Media platforms.It is really important to set achievable targets  and use creative ideas ,so that businesses don’t find themselves stuck with Social Media after a certain point of time. Some of these basic tips and tools can be used to get desired results within days.

Know the ‘WHY?’ of Your Social Media Marketing


It may seem like a simple step but the most important one.Most organizations fail to identify their Social Media Marketing goals which will help in creating profitable business for them.Usually organizations keep switching from one social media platform to another without any prior targets to be achieved out of a platform.They generalize their purpose of being on Social Media networks without even knowing how their organization may benefit from different platforms.An organization must identify whether they are using Social Media Marketing for Advertising,Creating Brand Awareness,Brand Loyalty,Higher Conversions or any other purpose.If one doesn’t have a answer to ‘Why’ he is using a specific Social Media platform then targeting customers will become difficult.

Build Awareness for Your Brand

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After setting the target for various Social Media platforms,one should start building up the brand on social media. Use those mediums effectively which help in spreading the message for your brand.Some of the steps which could be followed to make things easier are-

  • Build Social Presence– Start a Blog for your organization/brand,create groups,create profiles on various social media platforms and keep updating them with regular content.
  • Share Expertise-One big benefit of Social Media Marketing is most of the things can be done organically.Sharing views and solutions in your area of expertise with people who are in need will always give you those extra brownie points.
  • Relationship– Everything in this world is built on relationships and partnerships.So start building a healthy relationship with influencers and bloggers as that can boost the image for your brand.

 Find The Best Social Media Platform


Usually organizations make the mistake of identifying the best social media platform for their business based on gut feeling.But one needs to answer this question based on data and market research.The social media platform chosen should drive sales and not just generate viewership.Organizations can track activity on various social media platforms using Data Analytics to find the best fit.Once the best social media platform has been identified,efforts can made for higher conversions. Some of the basic considerations while selecting platforms to be kept in mind are-

  • Facebook– Facebook is the right platform is one wants to build community presence and reach large number of people.It is the most popular social networking site.Not only does it have the most users, it is the most-frequently used social media platform.Given that the primary reason people are so engaged with Facebook is to connect with family and friends, it may not provide the most effective medium for your business message.
  • Linkedin– Linkedin is good for those organizations who are in B2B or any other industry which can provide information related to work,business and jobs.It is most useful for peer networking and industry specific information.
  • Twitter- Twitter suits those businesses which provide topic based news and timely insights.Twitter is more effective when it is a two-way platform in which you respond to and engage with followers.

One should be open to use other platforms like Instagram,Pinterest,Quora,Reddit etc. according to their business needs.

Connect With Your Audience


Brands are usually illusioned by the myth that engagement on Social Media Platforms is the only thing they need to take care of.One should always remember that engagement with audience is not a strategy,it is just a part of the bigger process.One should connect with audience in such a way that sales are pitched because the main motto is to drive sales.Organizations should focus on using Social Media as a tool,something to support your marketing strategy.The main purpose will only be served if one is able to convert the leads generated-through engagement on various platforms- to loyal customers.It will not  only help in enhancing the customer experience but also increasing the Brand Loyalty.

  • Keep updating your content on a daily basis on various Social Media platforms.
  • Publishing unique content in the form of infographics,videos,microsites etc. help to keep the audience engaged.
  • Promote Social Media Channels on your website to increase visibility.
  • Use original and plagiarism free content in your posts.

Use of Social Media Data to take Decisions


According to Awareness,Inc., 96% of social media managers measure number of fans and followers, 89% measure traffic, 84 % measure mentions, 51% track share of voice, 51% track sentiment.Looking at the use of Social Media Analytics to make business decisions, it is really important to invest in analytics also.With the help of analytical tools organizations can filter out useless data and use important data to add value to their decisions.The focus should be on real business value.Start with tracking social media metrics such as-

  • Unique Page Visitors
  • Facebook Likes
  • Twitter Likes
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Unique Website Visitors

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