Victoria’s Secret’s Marketing: Top 8 Learnings from Luxurious Lingerie Brand

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victorias-secret-logoAbout Victoria’s Secret

The World’s most renowned lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977 and is the most instantly recognizable apparel companies in the world. Even though there is a lot of competition in the lingerie market, Victoria’s Secret is a dominant force to be reckoned with. In December 2014 alone, the sales figure for the parent company was $ 2.2 billion.

Digital Marketing Learning from Victoria’s Secret

The smart digital marketing strategy is the secret to Victoria’s Secret’s success. They focus on conversions! Besides being super glamorous chunk of talented women, they are intelligent digital marketers. Here are top digital marketing lessons one can learn from Victoria’s Secret.

1. Social Media Marketing is Fuel to the Brand

Victoria’s Secret has spread its wings on the social media channels; Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter pages to generate a lot of attention. With over 27 million likes on the official Facebook page, 1,045,807 YouTube subscribers, and more than 10 million followers on Twitter, Victoria’s Secret is having the right kind of attention.

This luxurious lingerie brand doesn’t post boring promotional content rather, uses the appeal of their Angels and visual aesthetics to create compelling as well as informative content. The audiences can get to know about how to work out and go behind the scenes at the latest fashion shows.

2. Victoria’s Secret’s Email Marketing Campaigns do the Trick

Their emails bring value to subscribers’ exclusive coupons, the members-only shopping events, and sneak peek at new collections are few of the perks of signing up. They have hit the key to retain the email subscribers, that is, by providing them something beneficial. Members don’t even think of unsubscribing for fear of missing out.

When compared to other digital marketing methods, email marketing is still the most effective for ROI. 68% of companies rated email marketing’s ROI as good to excellent (EConsultancy survey). On an average, companies attribute 23% of their sales to email marketing.

3. User-Friendly Website Design is a Must

With easy navigation and strategically placed call to action buttons, Victoria’s Secret has a user-friendly website. Even though the brand image is glamorous and chic, the website design is simple, sober, and intuitive to use.

4. Optimized Mobile Marketing for Conversion

The luxurious brand, Victoria’s Secret has mobile apps for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The lingerie brand uses many different ways to convert when it comes to boosting their mobile sales. Interactive quizzes for mobile users to participate and digitally enabled catalogs are especially effective in converting prospects into paying customers. After completing a mobile quiz about bras, the mobile user is directed to the stores in time for Valentine’s Day.fashion_victoria-secret690x1024

5. Specify your Target Audience and Stick to them

Ever since the establishment of Victoria’s Secret, the brand has targeted fashion forward, affluent, and attractive females as customers. The launch of a new sports range in 2014 has widened their appeal to health-conscious customers also. Despite a backlash from the plus size models and feminists, Victoria’s Secret never loses focus of who buys from them the most.

6. Speak to your Clients

Knowing the audience and speaking to them is one of the secrets behind Victoria’s Secret’s successful marketing strategy. There have been a lot of efforts that has been put into analyzing the target groups. The findings and understanding have been integrated with the marketing and planning the concepts.

For instance, the selection process of Victoria’s Secret models utilizes the acquired information for how each individual appeal to the brand’s target audience. Alessandro Ambrosio who long acted as one of the brand’s angels highlighted values relating to marriage and motherhood.

The brand chooses its angels carefully as the goal is to gather individuals who are approachable and sexy.

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7. Purchase Experience is Significant

It is important to turn the encounter into an experience as it holds a significant value. This is reflected in brick-and-mortar stores’ decoration also. The shops have been decorated into alluring lingerie candy stores. These experiences lead to long-term customer relations.

8. Innovative Marketer

Victoria’s Secret marketing is much more than just mere lingerie catalog. During its existence, Victoria’s Secret has attempted to find interactive and new ways of communicating the story of the company. It has been worth it as the company has been a luxurious brand across the world. The customers look forward to their advertising!

As mentioned earlier, Social Media is the Fuel to the brand. Thus, including Social Media Marketing in your Digital Marketing strategy is a must.

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Concludingly, Victoria’s Secret marketing strategy has made sure that people are engrossed in their advertisements and the target audience stick to them. What is the best marketing feature of Victoria’s secret according to you?

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