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Want people to hop on to your fan page, let’s find out how?

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Facebook fan page promotion indeed a great responsibility, you need to handle a lot of pressure after all Brand Image is at stake. Let’s check out some cool ways of fan page promotion.

Think out of box

Become unpredictable…….that does mean a food giant should start talking about explosives, but instead work out on your strategy carefully, and plan to drive traffic to your page. I am sure you would love to watch a
movie with unpredictable twists and turns, similarly you have to think about your brand strategy- different and interesting.

A great example is – Vodafone zoozoos. Everyone loves them, they are so cute isn’t it, they are more popular than IPL or  MTV shows and Vodafone is on cashing high on these videos, they have separate fan page which Vodafone is using tactfully zoozoo videos for spreading new schemes and products( mind it without much pestering). These kinds of initiatives make you stand out in a group.

Facebook advertising

Advertising gives incredible results provided you have positioned and crafted your ad cleverly. Choice of right words with an appealing image can earn a great attention and biggest advantage of Facebook ads is that you don’t have to spend too much. Even a small and limited budget will do the trick.

Fan page url as signature

Try using your fan page url as signature in your mails and business cards, a great way to get attention without much effort and free of cost too, what say?

Liaison of facbeook with your respective Social Media accounts and website

  1. Adding a facebook plug on your website/ blog.
  2. Tagging you tube videos with fan page link
  3. Adding your fan page url on twitter profile background
  4. Promotion via tweets

Using Blog for Intro

Promote your fanpage by sharing it on your blog, a brief write up can get you many fans from your readers community.

Using lucrative offers for promotion

It’s the best technique to catch eye of the audience, so darling brands please start thinking “What’s in for them” and you can have people humming like bees on your fan page. Just have a look at this picture of  Masterchef India, isn’t it  a great welcome for all budding and professional chefs.

Another example I will take of Café Coffee Day fan page, which keeps running discount offers and contests and never miss a chance to win hearts of their loyalists.

Customize your fan page url

Give your fan page a unique identity by using vanity url facility on facebook, a carefully chosen unique name can make your place in many hearts.

Leveraging fame of glorious chartbusters

Using name of celebs or calling them for openings is a great way to seek attention of your clientele, on similar lines you can tag top facebook pages on your fan page. Result- bright chances of getting visibility by a large spectrum of audience.

Personal Facebook Profile

Add your fan page url to your personal profile, and let your friends and alliances be part of your fan family.

Fans as evangelists

A closely knit community is a great asset to your brand, and mind my words if you have happy and satisfied loyalists you don’t have to worry about promotional schemes or fake tarnishing attacks

Buddy power

A healthy relationship with your fans can work wonders, they would love to be your brand ambassadors and PR managers if you the right cord and  last but not least don’t forget your darling friends who are your first supporters , initial likes by them can help you get initial spurt on your page

QR Codes

QR codes are another smart way to hypnotize your fans to your page and then their swift movement for boosting offline sales.

Breaking news via your fan page

Fan page great platform for dispersing news about offers or schemes and leverage the virality fever for brand promotion.

Don’t forget Google Adwords

Using google adwords and make your fan page as landing page- and see fan  numbers shooting provided you have made right choice of key words.

Fan page url in presentations and promotional pamphlets

Don’t miss any chance to promote your fan page be it your professional presentations or educational forums (you can add it in your address./ contact details)

There can be many other innovative ways, we have shared a few, do jump in and  contribute if you have some others.

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