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Web Analytics In Action On Twitter To Help You Analyse The Important Tweets

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Here is a good news for digital marketing geeks and those who really want to achieve heights in marketing their businesses through digital medium. Everyone must be aware of tools like Google Analytics, IBM Analytics, Facebook Analytics etc. which helps you monitor your activities and trends. Now here come very new and latest tool called Twitter analytics. Twitter analytics platform helps you provide great social information of your accounts and it’s absolutely free of cost. Isn’t that sounds great? Now the businesses and Entertainment Industry who uses twitter for their marketing and promotions can analyse basic trends. They  can get all old tweets and retweets within one single go. Therefore Twitter says, “lets everybody have a look at their performance of tweets for free”.

Now user is able to download an archive of all their tweets from beginning that is whenever they have started using tweets as a naïve to present till end. It has excited almost 200 million active users when this new feature was announced in June 2012.

It’s a very simple activity when it comes to accessing your personal twitter archive. Users can follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to your twitter account and go to settings,
  2. Click a button “your twitter Archive”
  3. You will get one confirmation email.
  4. Open the mail click to “Go Now” button from where you will be taken to a page on twitter where you can download the CSV file by pressing download button.

With the help of this you can improve your marketing in future. Now next come a question how? By downloading your twitter archive you get hold of following:

  • The ability to enjoy your past tweets just same as your new ones.
  • Tweets you have published since starting.
  • Retweets you got from other users on your tweets.
  • Filtering ability
  • You can search any of your important tweets using some phrase, hashtags or keywords.

You will be able to see below Timeline activity displaying a graph which is very simple to read. You can observe number of recent tweets, number of mentions, followers from last months etc. every information is crystal clear to show the user how they can take further actions on their marketing skills including big conglomerates or small but emerging ventures.

Analytics Image

Analytics Image

Hence, it’s a very attractive and smart step on Twitter’s part to build up new opportunities for their advertising analysts to use and access the data and formulate their own marketing strategy based on it.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Good information and guidelines. But the analytics image is not clear. I clicked on it but it is not opening separately.

    • 5 years ago

      Apurva   /   Reply

      actually I Talked to the Digital Vidya team and they does not allow us to put images with link. I think they have changed the position and size of the image because as far as I remember at the time of submission I have put image in middle and size was also large.

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