Whole Brain Group Drove 6X More Retainer Client Revenues Through Inbound Marketing

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download (1)About Whole Brain Group

The Whole Brain Group established in 2002 by Marisa Smith in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The main motive of the Whole Brain group was to help growing businesses by developing and executing digital marketing plans so that they could provide measurable results. The company worked as a virtual marketing department for their clients. They have expertise in providing web design , development, content and inbound marketing expertise, social media with a strong focus on delivering measurable result.

Business Objective

The company has grown from a custom software company to a full-service marketing and technology firm since it was established. Their main objective was to build customer through expert guidance and innovative marketing strategies. They believed in 100% customer satisfaction. Their work was recognized by Michigan 50, Inc and FastTrack.

The sales and marketing of the Whole Brain used to spend a lot of time for taking reports from various systems they used and logging in and logging out of these systems. As a result, they used to spend a lot of time to their basic task as well. It was getting difficult for team members to tie up sales and marketing activities together to show the combined output. It was directly affecting their ROI. Apart from the hard work they were not getting targeted output. Up and down in revenue resulted in frustration among team members. Predominantly project-based work and fluctuating revenue were their big worries. To get the new picture Marisa the CEO of WBG, knew that something had to change. She thought that any tool or any software must be there to tie up all sales and marketing activities to solve this problem. After the several brainstorming sessions the Whole Brain Group team set out to find an all-in-one marketing solution which could bring all the pieces of the marketing activities together to more effectively execute campaigns. Also, they focused on simplify marketing operations and provide concrete metrics to the customers.

“The thought leadership of HubSpot’s team has challenged us to think about how to target and personalize messaging, align our sales and marketing, and integrate data and reporting.”

Strategy adopted by Whole brain Group

After the detail discussions, team came to conclusion that HubSpot could the only software which could solve their problem. By implementing HubSpot the overall process of Whole Brain Group was changed. HubSpot was the combination of the important applications which were required for the normal marketing process. So all the team members could view the report of any process at one place only. This saved a lot of time of team members which they were used to spend with administrative tasks. Now they could concentrate on higher value strategies and core, content activities that impact a company’s client business. With the help of Hubspot’s Social inbox, workflows, CTAs and landing page application they could easily deliver the result. With the help of social inbox team members could easily communicate with prospects through different social media networks. With the help of properly embedded CTA’s they could easily guide prospects through its different stages.

Marisa the CEO of WBGs said “Partnering with HubSpot completely redefined our marketing methods and the way we look at our business,”

After implementing HubSpot WBG’s team now could easily handle ideal customers, refine messages. They observed that there was a change in the structure of entire sales and project management methodology.

With the support of dedicated HubSpot’s consultant team and inbound marketing expert, Whole Brain Group designed three-year vision plan to map out their success. They also identified all the potential obstacles that may come in their path in the future. Now all the team members had a much clearer view than previous process. They clearly know what they want and how they get it? With the HubSpot they could easily concentrate on following questions and found smart solutions for them.

  • How to create targeted and personalize the message?
  • How to align sales and marketing process?
  • How to integrate data and reporting for various activities?

Inbound marketing tactics thought them to think more from the prospect’s point of view while creating any type of content. Which helped them to build a positive image among the people.

Result Achieved by Whole Brain Groups

After implementing HubSpot within the short period of time WBG started getting positive results. They enjoyed a 300% increased in web traffic. Their overall revenue was increased by 60% and retainer client revenue increased by 600%, which was the big output for their marketing efforts. It resulted in a steady stream of work for the company.


“We used to worry every month about the project roller coaster. Now, our major concern is managing our workloads because we have as much as 60% of work pre-sold every month. It’s a much better problem to have.”

Inbound marketing tactics and HubSpot software not only proved beneficial for WBG, but their clients also get benefited from that. Deque Systems, one of their renowned clients increased its lead volume by more than 200%, which resulted in increased revenue and a spot in the Inc.5000 list in 2013. Another client Total security solutions grew its revenue by 125%. CEO Jim Richards mentioned that from WBG they got higher quality of lead due to which they could gain their revenue target and landed a spot on the Inc.5000. Marisa’s vision was to gain more and more customers by using HubSpot’s offering internally and introducing them the powerful all-in-one platform.


For any company, to gain consistent result, it is essential to adopt new technology along with the new marketing tactics. Many times companies are not aware about certain hidden factors that slowed down their marketing and sales process and ultimately affects on ROI. It is mandatory to find out the things which are affecting overall process. Whole Brain Group faced the same problem, where their different systems for different process slow down their overall marketing process. After implementing Inbound marketing tactics and HubSpot, in a very short period they get tangible results. HubSpot is the complete all in one solution for sales and marketing processes and help to build powerful marketing platform as well as supportive community to guide through complete process.

Image Credit: yelp.com, HubSpot

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