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When you know that your products can prove to be of great help to your customers in alleviating their problems, yet they are ignoring you, you tend to feel frustrated and discouraged. All you want is that customers take notice of the products or services that you have to offer.

There is a certain key element that helps consumers to build a strong brand relationship. People have attachment with the shared value that they hold common with the brand rather than the brand itself.

Establishing a personal connection with the customer is crucial. The key to creating loyal customers is “wowing” them with outstanding and personalised service.

Keep your customers first. Focus more on your customers rather than on developing innovative products or self promotion. The ‘about me’ page of your website should no more just speak about you, but what can you do for your customers.

If customers are unable to connect with you on a personal level, you are definitely going to be ignored by them.

Thus, our main focus is on how to craft the message to which customers actually pay attention.

Rule1- Customers are looking for what the brand stands for and not the brand in particular.

Though people are emotionally connected with brands, they look for value attached with the brand and not the brand itself. If the brand is not living up to its ideology of providing value as stated, the customer tends to lose interest and ignore further brand communication.

Rule2- Include positive social proof from sources that customer cares about.

We often receive messages stating instant benefits and gains in short term. While these look tempting, they do not support any social proof which derails the entire purpose of connecting with the consumer.

A seasonal or an outdated product is also a leading example where the customers choose to ignore the message being broadcasted. Inferior products or inefficiency of the service agents to deliver expected service leads to decline in messages actually being heard by end user.

Careful selection of audience must also be done so that the right product or service is targeted to the right people. In most cases the messages get distorted as the targeting is incorrect. Cold calls at odd hours also created frustrations among prospects. Choose appropriate time and revert back if the call was earlier rejected due to incorrect timing.

To conclude, the complete brand value is delivered when targeting and positioning of the message is accurately strategized.


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