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Why Your Business Need SEO ? 8 Reasons

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Whether you are a big brand or a small business, you must have come across the term SEO or Search engine optimization. SEO helps to ensures that your brand is in front of your target audience when they search. When more than 90% of  users find their solutions through search engines, no business can neglect the significance of SEO.


Even though social media is gaining more popularity these days search still remains a critical source of traffic for most businesses. Let’s see why it’s time to start investing in search engine optimization.

1. For High Brand Visibility

A website is a crucial point of contact for any business to generates leads, new customers, investors or partners. User’s trust search engines and are more likely to choose from the top 3 to 5 search results. This makes it very vital for brands to be on top of the list to gain users trust and attention. Being on the top of the results page boost the confidence of your customers and can put you ahead of the competition. SEO helps in branding and  provides your business credibility.

2. SEO Is Cost Effective

Search Engine Optimization is an investment with high return on investment. Although PPC and social media marketing are effective in bringing traffic and increasing revenue, SEO remains as the foundation of a brands online presence. It is highly cost-effective compared to PPC, online marketing, or email marketing. It helps in placing your brand in the front when a user is searching for your product and service. With the right team, investing in SEO can easily double the performance of a brand to reach the desired target audience.

3. To Multiply  The Profits

If a brand is successful in coming on top of the search result the chances for a business transaction is doubled automatically. Appealing and user-friendly websites can make a great impact on the time spent by users on the website. It helps in alluring qualified leads and converting them to loyal customers. SEO is directly correlated to increasing customer base and profits of a business.

4. Results Are Quick And Long Lasting

Compare to other marketing tools the results from SEO are quick and long lasting. It is very effective for small business which are looking for immediate results. It is less expensive compared to PPC and can deliver an ongoing ROI for a long period. Even after stopping the work on SEO, your site can rank on the top for a long time if it is done correctly. But to stay ahead of the competition, it is always best to keep on improving and tweaking the optimization strategy.

5. SEO Can Be Measured

Unlike traditional marketing the performance and effectiveness of SEO strategies can be measured, compared and corrected. It tracks data about ranking, traffic, keywords, pages, links and referrals. This gives opportunity for improvement for your online presence. These data provide insights on what to do and what not to do to get maximum value for our investment.

6. To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

SEO is a highly effective tool to stay ahead of the competition. It helps users find your brand instead of your competitor when they are searching online of a product and service. Search engine optimization is a never-ending process where you need to keep moving forward to improve your online position. Even if you have a great product or service you can easily get lost in the market if you have not implemented the right SEO strategy.

7. For Social Sharing

Being a trusted an entertaining brand on social media have become a matter of utmost importance to most brands. Search engine optimization is very effective in the social promotion of the website. Users who finds your website during their online search are more likely to search and promote you on social media, thus improving the social media engagement. Content shared on social media platforms are directly connected to SEO parameters and helps a brand to control and understand the behavior of  the audience. 

8. SEO Is Evolving

Even when concept of Search engine optimization remains the same, the techniques and tools are continuously evolving. As internet is constantly making changes to improve the experience of users; SEO will also evolve to fill this need. It is an essential tool for any business. Even if you have an impressive product and a ‘state of the art ‘website  everything will be worthless, if you are not doing search engine optimization. One thing that is for sure is SEO marketing is here to stay for a very long time and its wise to start investing now instead of sitting on the sidelines.

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