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WHYTO avoid these mistakes while creating Landing Page Design?

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Landing Page is considered to be one of the most important aspects when it comes to converting the traffic. However, many a times certain mistakes on this page can lead to loss of revenue and also loss of leads. In this blog post today, we have discussed some of the most dangerous mistakes you can make when it comes to your landing pages and learn how you can correct them.

Mistake 1 – Disconnected Headline

When visitors view and click your advertisement, they immediately create a few expectations of what they want to see on the page that follows the click of your Ad. If you landing page headline is not a continuation of the conversation that you had started with the PPC ad, you are shooting yourself in the foot.


For instance, you are selling electronics, but specifically want a separate landing page for Bluetooth Ear buds. And let’s say that your ad asks the question “looking for the best Bluetooth earbuds?”

The headline is not an easy thing to test but the mistake that gets made too often is not continuing the conversation or not being the other side of conversation that a visitor expects when they click.


Mistake 2 – Missing Content Strategy

Different visitors respond to different tactics based on different things. That’s not a secret, but if your landing page messaging speaks to only one type of visitor, you are missing a solid opportunity to convert the other types of visitors.

Aspects that affect the type of visitors are:

  1. How many times they have seen your landing page.
  2. Activities that they have done on your landing page
  3. What do they already know about you and your company? Are they following you on social networks?

Each group of visitor expects different items on a landing page. So if your landing page patterns are created to offer something for each type of visitor then you are creating a massive opportunity convert leads and then move them down the funnel.


Mistake 3 – No incentive for first time visitors

If you look at your landing page analytics from any ad or campaign, statistically you will see that most of your traffic consists of first time visitors. The mistake here is simply not providing an incentive to the first time visitor. Offer them a reason to get in touch with your organization today. Lead them to a form that allows them have their questions answered by an expert today.



Mistake 4 – Not using an Optimized ‘Thank You’ Page

There is a short and simple remedy for this mistake. Once a visitor has converted to a lead, let them know what to expect next. Why not invite them to follow you and connect with you socially? This can further encourage connection and communication.




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