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WHYTO improve your email newsletter efforts?

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Newsletter is where two most valuable marketing tools – content and email come together. These are considered to be an important aspect of email marketing, but are often a neglected strategy. However, there are few important ways through which you can improve your newsletter open and click rates.


Since newsletters are permission based, the consumers are already interested in what you have to say. However, here the challenge for the marketer is to sort through the overwhelming amount of information available to provide the consumer with the value they actually want. As mentioned earlier, let’s discuss some simple steps, which can assist you to improve your newsletter.

1. Creating a caring mentality – Since it is not possible to have personal face-to-face interactions with consumers, it is important as well as necessary to create that feeling with your content. Creating and utilizing opportunities to connect not only your company and its employees to your consumers, but your customers to each other can have a big payoff.

You also have to care about the subscriber. Most of the organizations are not really aware of this fact that emails can make a large company look smaller and small companies look larger since you are creating this community of consumers.

Unfortunately, there are also companies sending large one-size fits all ‘email blast’ to their customers without thinking about the common personal courtesies that should be applied in the email marketing sphere. Remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the basic interests and other relevant details about your consumers. Moreover, in order to truly serve the consumer, it is equally as important to know their challenges as well their newsletter likes and dislikes. Use whatever information available with you to deduce their problems and how your organization can help them solve those problems. Additionally, you can also use the following methods to show immediate value:

  • Create a preview of the newsletter on your website for people to see.
  • Figure out what keywords your ideal recipient would be searching for.
  • Use your website to show the value of being an email subscriber.

2. Personalize Content – Nowadays, there are various opportunities available today to personalize your content. Effective email marketing is all about catering the needs and interest of individual customers and now it is possible to do that on a large scale. However, at the same time, the quest for personalization can be overwhelming with all of the data available to find use for and analyze.

If you have large volume of information available, shrewd marketers make it a priority to know “which five or six pieces of information would actually be useful when personalizing newsletters and emails.

3. Use your newsletters to nurture brand advocates – Brand advocacy, which is also well known as sideways marketing. Here the idea is that marketing has moved on from push and pull to most consumers looking to their fellow consumers for brand trust. Brand advocates further recommend the brand to their friends or others and in return that behavior encourages people, possibly even motivating them to buy the product.

Every company has real people behind it and a human connection to offer. Consumers want to care about the person writing the newsletter, and keeping content light and funny that can facilitate this connection.

4. Design for Mobile – Designing in general is an area where you can under do it, but very easily overdo it by trying to pack too much in. Mobile design assessment is an increasingly important step, with the rapid change in how consumers are viewing your emails. According to a March 2012 Nielsen statistic, 49.7% of U.S. mobile subscribers own smart phones. These kinds of numbers dictate how your email will be opened, and marketers are still figuring out how to adjust.

Marketers need to add into the design discussion the inevitability that most consumers interacting with email on their mobile device are distracted. Whether they are waiting in a queue at any place, commuting to and from work, or even sitting at home in front of the television, design goes beyond details of font sizes and width. 

Every aspect of the newsletter — from the subject line to the content — has to react to that limited attention span, and newsletters should be designed simply but dynamically.

Some tips that you can use for your mobile design advice are:

  • Try to find a format that works for many, if not all systems.
  • Move into a one column newsletter format.
  • Conduct A/B split tests to determine the most effective design.
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