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WHYTO include ‘Call to Action’ in your Videos?

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Video has an important place in your overall content marketing strategy, and YouTube’s rise in popularity has taken a front seat in social media marketing news. Additionally, watching video online is an interactive and social experience. Therefore, for the same reason, most of the content creators usually rely on the actions of their audience to help them succeed, but chances are that many viewers would not act unless you prompt them. It is important to understand that the videos you publish and produce should have specific Call to Actions (CTAs).

Moreover, depending upon the type of message, you can also use the beginning, middle and the end of the video to direct the actions of your viewers. Ensure that the CTAs should be simple and too many prompts in the video can be confusing. Your basic goal should be to make it as easy as possible for the viewers to perform an action.

Some of the important actions to direct Viewers


  • Videos should contain CTAs, which can help the viewers to subscribe to your channel
  • Viewers should also be given a reason to subscribe to your videos.

Watch more videos

It is important to design some strategies that can bring viewers to watch your videos. Additionally, it is also essential to help your videos show up in more places across the site. In order to achieve the same:

  • You can encourage your viewers to watch more content and also direct them how to do the same.
  • You can also tell your viewers about your channel along with its programming schedule and also everything that it has to offer.
  • Invite your viewers to watch another video from your channel or even continue to the next episode in the series.

 Like/ Share or add to your favorites

  • Ask your viewers questions about the video and also encourage them to leave a reply.
  • You can also increase comments by asking your viewers about the A vs. B choice

Apart from increasing views for your videos, you should also understand the types of CTAs that should be implemented in your videos.

Types of Call to Actions

1.       Direct Host-Mentions – If you talk to the camera directly in a genuine manner then you can definitely get the audience to listen and act. By creating a video in a manner where it seems that the host is taking to the audience can prompt them to take some action.

2.       Annotations – Annotations are text overlays that you can place on YouTube videos. There are numerous uses for annotations. Producers are consistently finding new, creative, and strategic ways to apply them to their videos.

Annotations can be a great way to include CTAs in your video when they are not the part of the video content. Additionally, you can also include clickable annotations, which prevent your viewers from skipping to another video if they have just started watching yours.

3.       In-video graphics and ‘End-Cards’ – Graphical overlays can also prompt for specific CTAs. You can build in graphics for your videos to encourage subscribing, commenting and sharing. Additionally, you can also use the spotlight annotation to make the graphics clickable, once the video is published.



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