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WHYTO integrate Google+ in your Content Marketing Strategy?

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A few years back, in the year 2008 people popped up with questions that doubted Twitter’s viability. However, Twitter very soon came up with impeccable results that zipped everyone’s lips. It seems that Google+ is encountering somewhat similar problems. Who needs another social network? No one’s over here are some of the statements that are being made by people. Threatened much? Here the deal. A recent survey and study shows that Google+ in early 2013 is way ahead of Twitter and is much more important for content marketers and creators.

Since the launch of Google+ till today, the search giant’s social network has significantly grown to 90 million users till date, closing fast on Twitter’s stated 100 million active users. This kind of result simply puts rest to claims that Google+ is dying and isn’t as impressive as Google’s huge existing user base. However, the real growth of Google+ might be much ahead than just mentioned here.

In order to improve your search rankings as a content marketer, being on Google+ can be an advantage for your business. However, it is still necessary to understand the language of your audience and then reflect it back in your content, but now Google will get the direct indications that you are posting quality content.


How is Google+ different?

During the last year end, it became quite clear that Google+ is much more than a social networking site and has been impeccably integrated with Google docs, YouTube, Chrome, Google Reader and Gmail. You might have also noticed that Google has also redesigned the header across the Search, Maps, News and various other Google Products in order to incorporate Google+. Overall, Google+ has now become a glue that unifies various offering of Google into a seamless whole.

Rather than treating Google+ as a standalone, Google has simply modified its various products and turned them into features of Google+. However, this was just a warm up for what has to come with Google’s bedrock function, search.

In fact in the month of January, a report by Trendstream showed how well Google strategy is working in terms of getting users engaged in its Social Networks and has gained the position of second largest social network in terms of active users. In another post, they have compared Google with Facebook’s Graph Search. The data that was gathered indicated a decrease in the percent of Facebook users that are sharing information on their daily lives.


The result simply concluded that the future of social is far more passive. It evolves more closely around the effectiveness of the data, which can further be utilized to navigate the world around us. This states that the data would not be user contributed, but aggregated about the user and hence leaves Google with an upper hand.

Another important aspect of Google+ is the way it is making people aware about its value in a business context. Google has added pop-up labels that help you to identify people in your company as and when you post updates. In addition to these features, Google has also promised that Google+ profiles will now factor more in search rankings over time. This has grabbed the attention of more and more people, which provokes them to at least fill out their profiles and link them to their content so as not to miss out.

Integrating Google+ in content marketing

  • Make use of Hashtags and +Mentions – Just as Twitter, you can also include Hashtags in your Google+ status updates. Google will then automatically link that hashtags to the search results for that key phrase. You can also consider of pairing your status updates to the high traffic Google+ search key phrases, which would help your updates to become more visible. +Mentions are quite similar to @’s in Twitter or tagging in Facebook. It allows you to tag people on Google+ to grab their attention and in turn increase your visibility.


  • Re-share and re-purpose your content – Marketers that are searching for great opportunities to repurpose the content that they have already generated, Google+ is one of the best options. It is basically a method to bring in old content or best of the content back to life and also the one that can prove to be hugely cost effective.
  • Real time feedback and hangouts – One of the killer features of Google+ is hangouts. It is evolving quickly and can be utilized for webinars, group interactions with you and other 9 people. Many of you might be aware of Obama’s live broadcasting on Google+ hangout.



  • Add more images – Google+ loves images and also enables you to make images an important part of content marketing. Photographs speak more than content and hence more and more people prefer to include them in their content. Design a content marketing plan that allows you to offer unique images shared via Google+ – making the most of an opportunity not afforded in other social networks. Tying back to your strategy or purpose will make the tactical ideas flow much easier.
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