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Wikipedia Turns 15, Gets More Funding As Birthday Gift

Wikipedia Turns 15, Gets More Funding As Birthday Gift

Jimmy and Larry  created “Wikipedia” to give answers for most of the questions arising around the world in their own language which serves as a boon to the beginner to a scholar.This Wikipedia serves as an online information library so anyone with the internet connection can make use of this valuable encyclopedia without spending thousands of dollars.

Wikipedia facts

wikipedia mobile

It is a maxi version of encyclopedia where one can’t imagine the number of pages that Wikipedia has.There are millions of referenced articles, photos, illustrations, sources, and word definitions that forms the pages of the Wiki. volunteers helped in creating those pages for the last 15 years to simply share their knowledge with everybody in this world for free and they keep on contributing to add more and more pages for the upcoming world.Almost all the pages in the Wikipedia can be edited, the readers who are using it  can add the known information.Wikipedia has also expanded its base on  the mobile platform and one can download the Wikipedia app from android and iOS mobiles.creators adding so many features to the app to expand its user base.

wikipedia facts

Amazing facts of Wikipedia

  • Wiki has currently 291 language versions and almost 13 languages  have over one million articles each.
  • Want to go through all the contents of English Wikipedia? Then you need to spend your 16 years of time that too without  break and sleep.
  • The most edited article of the year 2015 was “Deaths” with more than 18,000 edits.
  • Around 2,000 bots do some of the volunteers jobs on the English Wikipedia  alone.They are with specific names to do  the specific task like Photo Cat Bot helps people find articles that need images
  • It has 36 times of articles than present in the Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • Ranked as one of the most popular among top ten sites of the world.

Wikipedia is still expanding

It holds a synopsis of facts known to human knowledge which is presented to us in the form of online encyclopedia which is giving, at least, a short description of what are you searching for in an article, To present such a huge information to its users it needs to have so much of space say terabytes of memory  that is the uniqueness of Wikipedia so that it can put forward so much information that one can’t even imagine having in a physical encyclopedia.”Wikipedia: Statistics” Page states that on an average of 1000 brand new articles is added per day.


Wikipedia also claims in some pages” it is not a primary source” and also ” this articles may contain errors,” or simply “citation needed” so one should not rely on Wikipedia to make critical decisions  related to academics.

Wikipedia content


Wikipedia Day

January 15, 2001-from that day it is celebrating its own birthday in the name of “Wikipedia day”.Much more software feature  was added like categorize indexes automatically which allow the expanding  traffic to be wisely managed.When there is a huge content vandalism and reference need to be managed efficiently  such things are done by  new tools.

Wikipedia cake

Meanwhile, Wiki has been  greatly progressing  in various aspects and announcement was made as an achievement on every birthday.

  1. A non-profit Wikimedia foundation was formed on its one of the birthday and gives an independent legal foundation for it  and has allowed  coming up with a few sister projects-  Wiktionary, Wikiquote, and Wikibooks.
  2. A fundraising drive was conducted to overcome the failure of hardware servers due to increasing user base which has collected sufficient fund to go for a fault tolerant high capacity server to handle data.The fundraising drive continues to go for a number of high-quality servers to support the expanding data over YOY.
  3. Initially, it is recorded as one of the of the top 100 English-language websites by the renowned Alexa rankings.It has reached its  millionth English article The millionth article was Jordanhill Railway station w created on March 1, 2006.
  4. It has reached its  millionth English article on March 1, 2006
  5. Started celebrating its birthday on various cities around the world it first started off with NY city at 2006.
  6. later at 2010, celebrations were held at Bangalore and Israel as well.They also started with planned events and come up with a new page listing the events and the participants got commemorative t-shirts, stickers, parties. and cakes.
  7. On the eve of  its 10th birthday several pages of English Wikipedia listing the events for specific cities of different countries like Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, US, UK.
  8.  Praemium Erasmianum Foundation of Netherland told the world about  2015 winner of the honorable Erasmus Prize goes to “Wikipedia community” which was celebrated on its 14th birthday.

when celebrating its 15th birthday it has got clear idea how to get a source of cash and well planned its operations for future.Users already poured a lump sum of $250 million on the ongoing fundraising drive and  it has an extra sum of  $1 million to its endowment which will get accumulated and slowly become a huge sum by 2026.Wikipedia is also getting money via the advertisements.Jimmy wales commented that  “As you go in the mission-driven direction, these (requests for money) are some of  the things you need to do to build that long-term dream.

Wishing them a good luck for their dream as they are doing it for a social cause!

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