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3 Benefits Of Using Clicky Over Google Analytics

3 Benefits Of Using Clicky Over Google Analytics

Businesses use various methodologies to measure the performance of each and every activity related to them. Going digital is the mantra these days. Every business, irrespective of their budget and size, ensures a digital presence in various forms like websites, blogs, social networking accounts etc. Each of these digital platforms vary in their purpose and behaviour and marketers use every possible way to reach out to their target people. Reach of an online platform is undoubtedly more than any other marketing channel.

Maintaining websites, blogs and social networking pages by updating them regularly is very important. But doing this alone will not serve the purpose. As marketer, one must be able to know the platform which is performing better. Platforms that are generating more business will need more attention and the marketer should look for ways to improve the performance.

There are various analytical tools available in the market that help the business to measure their business activities online. The most famous and easily accessible tool is Google Analytics. Google Analytics has changed the way marketer interpret their business. Based on the analytics data, one would be surprised to know that the marketing strategies employed are actually not performing the way they were expected to. With these detailed reports in hand, businesses would be in a better position to understand whether to continue with their current strategies or not.

But there always exists certain setbacks which makes a tool fail and Google Analytics is no exception. There is no doubt that Google Analytics is the most widely used analytical tool because it is easy to use and most importantly the marketers need not spend a dime for it. But why should one go for another service when we have Google Analytics interface getting better day by day. In order to resolve this, people use Google Analytics along with other analytical tool to bring out the benefits of both.

Here comes, Clicky, the latest buzz in the analytical tools market. Clicky has been recently launched and it is interesting to know that it has gained huge popularity among business enterprises even though it is not a free service. There are few features in Clicky that are making it stand out in the market.

The following are the three important benefits of using Clicky over Google Analytics:

1. Dashboard:

Dashboard is very useful when an analytical tool is being used. It is the first window of an analytical tool which displays all the required information on a single screen. Dashboard can be customised according to the requirements of a user. Whatever information that the user wants to visualize at the first instance, can be added to the dashboard.

Google Analytics dashboard feature is very famous for its clear display but Clicky’s dashboard is unique. When users view the dashboard on Clicky, it allows them to see all the brands on a single screen. It allows the user to see a visual graph and all real-time stats related to each brand. Clicky dashboard allows the user to see all the activities on each website at one place, whereas in Google Analytics, the user will have to go through various clicks and dig deeper to see all the necessary data.

2. Spy View

Spy View is another feature which is very unique with the analytical tool Clicky. This feature literally spies over the data in a real-time scenario. When the users click on this feature, they are taken to a window where they can see the real-time data. For example; the map available at the top of the window, displays all geographic locations from where the website is being accessed at that moment. These are indicated using small dots on the map. Details like the place from where the visitor is accessing the website, the page from where the visitor is entering the website, the page from where the visitor is leaving the website etc. can be collected real-time.

Users experience certain delay in the reports generated by Google Analytics. Google Analytics is not able to collect this data immediately while accessing the tool. This saves a lot of time in analysing the report.

Quick access to such real-time data will help the marketer to plan their strategy well and implement them in a better way. The objective of collecting real-time data is to bring out changes in the strategies based on the collected data. If there is a delay in the real-time action, then the marketer may end up losing certain prospective leads.

 3. Big Screen :

Big Screen is an interesting feature with Clicky which Google Analytics lacks. When users click on Big Screen feature in Clicky, they are led to a huge screen which has very clear and crispy display of all the real-time data associated with the website which is happening at that very moment. This big screen can be set up on the desktop and one can monitor all the events happening on the website. This screen displays important real-time stats like number of visitors on the page, number of actions taken on the website, average actions, total time spent on the website, average time, bounce rate, visitors graph, actions graph, details of the searches, metrics of references from other sites, performance of social networking sites etc.

When certain action has been taken by the user like sending out emails to the visitors and if certain action is taken by the prospective lead, then it immediately gets reflected on the big screen. The performance of various Goals and Campaigns set-up by the user can also be easily monitored. This real-time feature is missing in Google Analytics which makes Clicky more special.

The dashboard on Clicky has all the necessary data that the user would like to see and this is very similar to what Google Analytics presents. Real-time data is the key feature which brings out the difference between Clicky and Google Analytics and makes Clicky stand out when compared to the very famous Google Analytics. More the real-time data generation, more will be the advantage to the marketers. People have started using both Clicky and Google Analytics together to reap the benefits of both.

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  • 4 years ago

    Pratik Ahuja   /   Reply

    Even though Clicky has new features but still does it have the database as large as Google Analytics?
    Isn’t this the reason why Google Analytics displays stats which are quantitatively higher?

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