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3 Social Media Marketing Solutions For Your Growing Business

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Social media marketing has become a very important part of the marketing strategy that the businesses adopt today. You can master social media marketing with the right tools and techniques. This blog discusses 3 simple to use but highly result-oriented techniques that you can include in your marketing strategy based on customer relationship management.

1. Mine For New Customers On Twitter With Socialcentiv

Twitter has a lot of potential in helping you find new customers. You can find people who tweet frequently about anything from the events or the services/products they are in need of. You can easily find them with SocialCentiv, an application on Twitter for marketing on the intent-basis. This easy to use and high on results app can be used to communicate with the customers who tweeted something related to your business. For example- A tweet with the keywords ‘mobile phone’ or ‘mobile handset’ can become your target communication in case you deal in latest mobile handsets.

2. Leverage Social Media With Sparksfly

If you are willing to engage your customers on a solid basis, you have Sparksfly to help you. It is a new application that can help you consolidate various feeds into it. This is an app that is developed for result-oriented customer engagement based on user specific data.

3. Combine Social Media Marketing And Email With VerticalResponse

VerticalResponse has recently hit the market with its unique and helpful features that enable you to schedule your posts on social media platforms and shoot emails from a common dashboard. Its drag-and-drop editor for email design will let you add “share to social” and “follow us” buttons to the entire bunch of emails and engage the readers in many more ways. As a business, you can widen the reach of your emails by sharing an email newsletter (hosted version) in one click to the social networks.
So, try these 3 social media marketing solutions with complete trust and reap the rewards very soon.

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