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4 Email Marketing Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Campaigns Continuously

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Email marketing campaigns are the most effective channel through which marketers can attain important information about customer’s interest and behavior as well as establish a relationship at a personal level. If utilized in a proper manner with attention to the audience behavior it can help in boosting your sales whereas if it is exploited in bad manner ie. by sending blast emails which is not personalized it can result in a disaster for your campaign.The main objective  of the email marketing campaigns is to establish a loyal customer base and spread the brand image. Below are 4 email marketing tips that will help you to improve your campaigns.

  • Include Opt-in Links In Your Emails

This is very important since it helps marketers to send newsletters and product offers based upon the interest of the prospective customers.Opt-in links can also help in getting useful information but it is very essential to keep the opt-in forms simple since too much questions in the forms can make the audience suspicious about the mail. Provide incentives to prospective customers in return for opting-in for newsletters and product updates.

  • Use Automation Wherever Needed

Automate campaigns with the support of a email marketing automation solutions provider which can save lot of your time and and help you building relationship with your prospective customers.

  •  Launch An Email Survey

Through email campaigns send out survey forms to prospective customers. This helps in segmenting the customer base and targeting them  accordingly. The end result will be higher open rates and click through rates(CTR)

  • Provide An Unsubscribe Option

Make this a mandatory in all your email campaigns. Provide a easy unsubscribe link which can make your customers less irate at the same time can boost your brand image. While unsubscribing, make the opt-out page attractive and ask them relevant questions related to their experience with the brand/company and the reason why they are opting out. This can help the marketers to reshape their marketing strategy.

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  • There are 2 comments

    • 5 years ago

      Ummer   /   Reply

      The attached video provided some quality information about the topic.
      Your second point: Use Automation Wherever Needed: Does it really work? I am asking this because some times it may adversely effect your loyal subscriber. Automated system may go wrong and end up sending mails to everyone in the list without segregating based on the profile. I hope I conveyed my point here.

    • 5 years ago

      Mayank   /   Reply

      Nice article on email marketing John. The first point talks about opt-in links, can these be nicely conceived and designed CTA’s?. Also if it is possible can you throw some light on the automation part as some issues that Ummer has raised seem to be genuine.

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