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4 Major Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Should Not Be Used Unethically?

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Every business organization or a new entrepreneurial venture has to win the confidence of people. It is not the ‘product’ or ‘service’ they offer that comes first. It is the people, the primary stakeholders with whom, for whom and by whom it operates, survives, grows and develops encompass more than 90% of business conscience of any corporation or company. In every business ‘the means that we use’ are more important than ‘the end we seek’. The continuum of ‘means-ends-consequences’ is perhaps the most revered principle to be followed in business universally. However, it is not the continuum alone that ensures your success, excellence and sustainability. It is the quality of the ‘means’, in terms of ‘value addition to the process and practices’ and ‘commitment towards ethical obligations to the stakeholders’, that matter the most.

The number of people talk favorably about you, matters the most than number of units sold. ‘The word of mouth’ is the most desired social capital every company aspires. Thus thinking, talking and doing ethical may help us to nurture a long term goal. Especially, we need to take care of all those at the social media engagement space. All ‘tricks’ and ‘flicks’ can pull people but it never yields long term results.

The space of ‘Inbound marketing’ requires you to be more transparent and genuine attention seeker with your idea, product or service and purchasing options. For example, it has been observed that there are some credibility crises at ‘fullmoneysystem’ and ‘100best buy’. There are promises which may lure the first time visitors. But hardly there are opportunities, which may generate leads. The Facebook page of ‘Full Money System’ has got ‘277 Likes’ (as on April 16, 2014) but there is not a single opinion share of any benefited customer. On the contrary, the Facebook page of ‘100best buy’ has got 5,19,448 likes (as on April 16, 2014) but it has not been able to get ‘shareable’ comments or views from any one of its customers. The entire page is full of advertisements than any meaningful discussions or conversations. However, despite certain serious ethics crises at times, certain brands could well manage their credibility in the Social Media space with their effective content management skills. Those include, i.e. Nestle and Toyota Motors.

Definitely, we cannot afford INBOUND in an unethical way? Following are some best reasons for that.

  • Ethic is not a personal affair but a public matter and debatable subject. Unless, it is brought into public domain and discussed, we cannot practice transparency. Hence, we may fail to generate traffic, create leads and public support.
  • Business is a human activity and so, we have to respect the values and moral standards of the society. Otherwise, it may invite negative criticism, social apathy etc.
  • Making a judgment of our own sometimes may create problems. Rather, we can invite people for discussion and reasoning. Sometimes ‘giving’ solutions to a problem may not be well accepted by people. Instead, you may call for a solution.
  • The civil society perspective is ‘ethics over profit’ and it is better to follow it.


Business Ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues management Approach (3e), by J.W.Weiss, Thomson –South-Western, Chennai, 2003.

Have not yet given up my learning spree. Recently doing internship at Digital Vidya.

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    • 5 years ago

      Kiran Lund   /   Reply

      very true!! yes i agree we cannot do any business by being unethical, but apart from brand value,the main motive of any business is also profit. i agree engagement of people is very important,but even if we have more people , ultimate goal is profit. Thats how any business grows.

    • 5 years ago

      Smita Pawar   /   Reply

      Excellent write-up!! Definitely it is the people that value most in the success of every business. Totally agree, we must ‘think ethically, talk ethical and do the ethical’. Volvo brand has satisfied many customers in safety matters.

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Thanks to Kiran and Smita for sharing your views here.

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