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5 SEM Tips To Conduct PPC Campaigns Economically And Successfully

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It goes without saying that advertising through Google Adwords tops the list of various PPC Campaign channels over digital media platforms. Choosing advertising through Google Adwords, one can be sure to feature at the top of the search results thereby achieving maximum visibility to viewers. For this, it is imperative for one to have large budget as it is a well known fact that advertising through Google Adwords is one of the most expensive modes of PPC Campaign. If not done properly, it can lead to huge wastage of money, with no results. The way Google Adwords work is that, the one who bids the highest, gets to feature at the top of the list. Being top on the list ensures visibility of the advertisement by visitors. In addition to Google Adwords, there are various other paid services which can run PPC campaigns. There are various ways of effectively conducting these PPC Campaigns.

Let us have a look at few tips which can help in conducting PPC campaigns economically and successfully:

Location-TargetingLocation Targeting For Effective PPC

While we would like the ads of our product to be displayed all across the world and to the maximum number of people, it would not make business sense to place the advertisements for the viewers in locations where the product is unavailable. Since, one is paying for each click of the advertisement viewed under the PPC model, one should be judicious in using ones budget spending and allocate the same for advertising in locations from where most of the converting traffic comes.

For example, if a local restaurant in Mumbai is willing to advertise about its restaurant’s service of home delivery, it needs to ensure that the same is viewed maximum by the people residing in Mumbai, especially in the area it can give home delivery. It will be of no use if viewers outside of Mumbai view this advertisement as they will never be able to use this service. Hence, if the advertisement is made open to all viewers without applying any discretion, it can lead to wastage of allocated budget.

3-d-no-signUse Of Negative Keywords For Effective PPC Campaign

As discussed above, in addition to using unique keywords to bring traffic to the website, it is also crucial to know and monitor which keywords are bringing in traffic, but not meeting the overall objective of the advertisement. This aspect needs to be kept in mind while setting up any campaign. Negative keywords are strong keywords which help bring in volumes of traffic; however, they may not lead to any conversions. Hence, this also leads to wastage of budget.

For example, if the leading telecom operator, Idea Cellular Ltd. uses the name of its brand ambassador, “Abhishek Bachchan” as a keyword in its campaign settings, it will definitely bring in a lot of traffic of viewers who are interested in the brand Abhishek Bachchan; however, this traffic may not lead to any conversions. This is because, in this case “Abhishek Bachchan” becomes a negative keyword and should be categorised as one, in order to save money on valuable clicks.

Monitor Scheduling Of The Advertisement

Based on the performance of the campaign, one needs to keep editing the keyword settings in order to get optimum results. This is more important to be done with regards to when the advertisement is visible to the viewers. As a default setting, the advertisement is visible 24/7. This setting however, may not be required for the business. For example, a website selling movie tickets is more likely to be viewed during weekends or during public holidays. Hence, the setting should be such that the advertisement is viewed 24/7 during the weekends and say during the evenings during weekdays. This will give significant savings to advertisement cost on Cost per Clicks.

Selection Of Core Keywords For Effective PPC Campaign

It is very important to ensure that our product stands out amongst competition. It is a well known fact that the product which gets better visibility has a higher chance to get sold. How can this be achieved? The answer is very simple. One needs to think of all possible features that the product has which is different from competition. No matter what the niche is, it is required to pull the traffic. Be sure that if it is a feature, someone will be searching for it thereby resulting in valuable traffic. Also, it is important to ensure that the keywords selected are directly relevant to the business and are not loosely tied to the business.

For example, we have loads of online options to choose from for clothing for women. Now, if a retailer intends to create a rush to his website, he needs to think of a niche in which his brand stands out in comparison to other competition. Now if this retailer is in the business of selling maternity and nursing wear, then this becomes his niche. Not all brands selling women attire sell maternity and nursing wear. Hence, if this retailer was to use this niche to bring traffic to his website, then he can make valuable sale. The visibility of his website increases and this would result in increase in volume of traffic to his website.

Monitor Your Ads And Track Your Keywords

Monitoring the performance of one’s ad campaign is the most important aspect of advertising on Google. It is also important to track the performance of your keywords. Hence, to track which keyword has generated maximum sale and which keyword has failed to generate any sale needs to be done on a regular basis. The keywords which have underperformed should be removed and replaced with new keywords. Also, the bid amount assigned to these keywords need to be checked and altered in order to maximum the outcome.

With the above discussion, we can safely conclude that advertising on Google Ads is an on going process. Although, the best strategy to generate maximum traffic and get conversions is to bid the highest among your competitors, it is also important to note that if not done properly, it can lead to wastage of money and losses to business. To conclude, one can use these simple tips to judiciously use the budget allotted for PPC campaign.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Budgets allocated for a PPC campaign should be wisely used or else it will waste of resources. Identifying the right place, using appropriate keywords, negative keywords etc can be of great help. Placing the ad alone will not help. These ads need to be monitored continuously. Very informative write-up. Thanks.

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