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3 Essential Content Marketing Steps For 2019

From driving brand awareness to generating leads to building loyalty, content marketing is probably one of the most versatile tools available in your marketing arsenal. Consider it our secret weapon to McGyver your way out of sticky customer situations. Need to educate a potential buyer? A snappy product demo video would be perfect. Want to […]

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3 Factors Essential for Long Term Success in Content Marketing

Content is not just a collection of blog posts, tweets and landing pages. There’s much more to content marketing than spraying the web with your branded & salesy messaging. Providing useful, high-quality information to your audience at the right time is not at all easy or simple. It requires organizational buy-in right from the top. In […]

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Content Showdown: SEMrush Challenges Indian Marketers with Big Blogging Contest

Online visibility tool suite SEMrush has a huge presence in India with a formidable community of marketers, using it for a variety of digital marketing-related tasks, such as creating templates for their content, getting a breakdown of their web traffic stats, identifying keywords that can work for them, or looking at their competitors’ ad copies. […]

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3 Vital Things You Shouldn’t Ignore in Your Content Strategy

Today, every business is an information business. In their book The Language of Content Strategy, Scott Abel and Rahel Anne Bailie describe content as a “business asset that we use to communicate with our customers, prospects, and investors.” If you want a core asset of your business to function at its optimum level to target […]

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What IPL can Teach you About Trend Based SEO

Using SEO to Boost Your Campaigns – Lessons from IPL in Timely Marketing SEO is always an ongoing process. It takes patience and typically at least 3 to 4 months before results are seen. One proven white-hat technique for quicker results, is to use regional trends (or global trends), to your advantage. The idea is […]

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