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7 Important User Engagement Metrics For Your Website

Businesses these days are always striving to create a website with high-quality content which attracts the right users. Thus, after putting so much time and effort it is important for the business to know how the users are engaged with the website. User engagement metrics measure what users are actually doing with your website. Having […]

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3 Strategies To Segment Your E-mail List

Segmentation works wonders for your e-mail campaigns. A lot of marketers are using segmentation to increase the effectiveness of their e-mail campaigns. Mailchimp has been measuring the stats of all their customers who use segmented campaigns and arrived at the results that campaigns which use segmentation have over 14% higher open rates, have over 59% […]

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Top 5 Tips To Structure Facebook Ad Campaign

In 2014, Facebook added Ad sets to their campaign structure to align itself with Googles Adwords. This additional layer between campaigns and ads helped us better organise, optimise and measure the ads performance. Below is a quick visualisation of the structure:   To define each stage Campaigns: are where you define your objectives. A campaign […]

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EA Sports Giferator Case study: Delivering smack talk in real-time

About Madden NFL 15 Madden NFL is an American Football video game series published by Electronics Arts. Madden NFL has been around since 1988 and has sold over a 100 million copies over the years. EA releases a new version of the game annually and has always insisted on it being as realistic as possible(the first […]

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