Bollywood Movie, Mary Kom Leveraged Social Media To Get A Reach Of More Than 6.5 Lakhs

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Bollywood Movie, Mary Kom Leveraged Social Media To Get A Reach Of More Than 6.5 LakhsAbout the Bollywood Movie, Mary Kom

Mary Kom is a biopic film about Mary Kom, a well known female World Boxing Champion and Olympic bronze medalist This movie is produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and directed by Omung Kuma.

This movie narrates the story of Mary Kom, right from her childhood life in India to the victory at the 2008 World Boxing championship. Sewing Quadras has written the storyline and screenplay of this movie and the popular Bollywood actress Priyanaka Chopra played the lead role as the boxer Mary Kom.

Mary Kom was premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival before it was released on 5th September 2014. This 150 million budget Bollywood movie was a huge box office hit and received praise for its superior direction and the overall performance.

The film has made a gross collection of 17 million US dollars at the box office. This was a huge commercial success. Social media channels have played a key role in popularizing the movie through the campaigns.

Mary Kom’s Business Objectives

Flarepath, the marketing agency outsourced to promote this movie, has used social media channels extensively in their marketing campaign keeping the following objectives in their agenda.

  • To popularize the movie amongst the fan of actress Priyanka Chopra, who played the lead role in the movie.
  • To intensify the engagement levels amongst the fans and offer a unique opportunity to interact with the actress Priyanka Chopra in real time.
  • To enhance the bond between the actress Priyaka Chopra and  her fans so as to keep them  well with the launch of the movie using Facebook, Twitter, Vine and YouTube.

Approach / Strategy Adopted By Mary Kom

  • Bollywood Movie, Mary Kom Leveraged Social Media To Get A Reach Of More Than 6.5 LakhsThe marketing agency has introduced  a pre-launch contest on Twitter. In this contest, few lucky winners were given a chance to meet Priyanka Chopra in person and watch the movie with her.
  • Besides this, they had introduced a #PCEntourage winner contest as well. In this contest, interested fans were instructed to email their entries to get participated. One lucky winner was selected who could get a chance to share the stage with Priyanka Chopra, interview her and shoot the episode on Vine videos.
  • Vine videos were widely used in the trailer launch activities to engage the fans well with their favorite star Priyanka Chopra. Fans who were present in the trailer launch got a chance to see Priyanka Choptra in her ‘Mary Kom’ outfit. In addition to this, a Question and Answer session was also organized with the actress.
  • Post trailer launch was carried out on the same day. This enhanced the trailer views and the winners of this contest were presented movie posters signed by Mary Kom.

Overall, the trailer received a huge response- (almost 3,825,356 views!) and some trending on Twitter.

Bollywood Movie, Mary Kom Leveraged Social Media To Get A Reach Of More Than 6.5 LakhsResults Achieved By Mary Kom

The unique promotional activities have played a major role in this movie’s success at the box office.  Promoters used all leading social media channels that include YouTube and Vine to make this campaign more appealing and engaging. Following are the results achieved by this campaign.

  • Received 7087 more followers.
  • Able to reach out to 688472 people online  and received up to 20254782 impressions.
  • Received 700 tweets during the contest.


Promoters of this movie have successfully used the celebrity status of Priyanka Chopra- actress who played the lead role in the movie – and made it a success.  This social media campaign study shows the effective use of celebrity popularity to get better engagement level and interactions that eventually made this movie launch a success.

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