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Companyprofile_CapreseAbout the Company:

Caprese is owned by VIP Industries. VIP Industries is world’s second largest and Asia’s largest luggage manufacturing company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. VIP manufactured its first suitcase back in 1971, since then it claims to have sold 60 million pieces around the world.

VIP industries has the strong network of more than 8000 outlets across India and 1300 outlets in 27 countries. It has many popular brands in its kitty like VIP, Aristocrat, Alfa, Footloose, Skybags, Carlton and Caprese. Except that VIP has many patents registered in its name like

  • Non Reversible Multi Safe Lock – so that the suitcase opens only right side up.
  • Soft Grip handles – for carrying comfort.
  • Security cable and Security Chain – inbuilt in the luggage.

and many more.

VIP entered the branded ladies handbag segment with the brand name of Caprese in 2013. It aimed to be a dominant player in this segment in next five years. They were also planning to take this brand in the markets like Dubai, Singapor and Hongkong. In 2015 they launched first ever large scale campaign, “Caprese Stylist” to promote the brand having international feel.

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Caprese Stylist campaign was the first large attempt form VIP to position Caprese as a global brand in ladies handbag segment having special appeal to young ladies. For the same purpose it roped in ever stylish young actor Alia Bhatt as the face of Caprase. The company had the following objectives of the Caprese Stylist campaign:

  • To position the Caprese brand in the market with the international feel and looks in mid-premium ladies handbag segment.
  • To prove the brand authority in its niche segment.
  • To create the awareness about the brand especially among the young ladies.
  •  To engage the more and more customers with the brand


Company wanted to have a comprehensive marketing campaign across all platform like print, TV, radio and social media.They also involved fashion bloggers to blog about their bags as well. For TV Alia shot in scenic locations in Europe to give the brand an international look, on social media front they launched an innovative campaign to bring users closer to the brand and associate with it. They launched Caprese Stylist campaign across facebook and twitter in which girls were invited to be a stylist for caprese girl and choose a perfact handbag from the new collection.

For that purpose one has to follow the Caprese’s  twitter handle and tag their five friends. Company comes up with tasks like choosing the handbag for the caprese girl and participant has to pick one form their website with the hashtag #Capresestylist. It came with a condition that the bag must be selected form the new collection. Winners get merchandises at the end of the contest.

The motive behind this contest was to bring large number of young ladies closer to the brand through engaging them in activities. VIP chose the social media platform like twitter and Facebook for this purpose because a large number of their target customers were present on these platforms. Special thing about this whole campaign was the user engagement through contest like #capresestylist because it made the customers really involved with the brand. Participant of the contest had to scan through all the available product range on the company’s website and choose the cutest bag for a particular occasion.

Tweets of the campaign

  • #CapreseStylist is now live! Help the #CapreseGirl pick a bag for her date!
  •  Help the #CapreseGirl choose a travel bag here ! #CapreseStylist
  • If you had to style the #CapreseGirl, which bag would you pick for her movie launch? #CapreseStylist #ContestAlert @contests2share@aliaa08


TV Commercial featuring Alia Bhatt ends saying “Now in India”. As a result of this pointed marketing to establish Caprese as an international brand in women handbeg market segment many people believed it to be really an international brand. With Caprese VIP was able to place itself comfortably in the market segment where ladies doesn’t want to burn their pocket with highly expensive international brands but still want to be associated with a reputable brand.

With the help of campaign like Capresestylist Caprese came across as a new age and contemporary brand to which young women could relate to. Linking the Capresestylist on twitter and facebook to the company’s website was a smart move and with this large number of customer engaged with the company.It appealed well to socially connected young ladies and helped company in making product visible to the more targeted customers.These are few achievements for the company at the end of the campaign

  • People engaged with the brand and participated in large numbers
  • Tweets in the campaign were well received with lots of re-tweets and comments
  • The company was able to create the buzz for the brand
  • Caprese was able to establish itself as a reputable and fashionable brand in the mid-premium ladies handbag segment.


  • Alia Bhatt as a face of the brand worked beautifully and even on social media it drove the young women towards the brand.
  • The contest on twitter and Facebook also worked as it created the excitement among the participants.
  • Concept of the contest was very innovative which demanded high level of engagement form the customers where girls needed to scan whole product range.
  • Idea of connecting twitter contest with the company’s website was a smart move which helped company’s products more visible.



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