Coca-Cola Set New Record Of 4M Visits Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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2000px-Coca-Cola_logo.svgAbout Coca-Cola Company:

Coca-Cola Company is a multinational corporation, manufacturer, and retailers of non-alcoholic beverages, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It is majorly renowned for its flagship beverage Coca Cola. The Coca-Cola Company was incorporated in the year 1892 by Asa Griggs Candler. The company produces syrup concentrates which is further sold to myriad numbers of bottlers across the globe. The company also owns its anchor bottler in North America, named Coca Cola Refreshment. The company highly operates a franchise based distribution channel since 1889.

Coca-Cola’s Business Objectives:

With the right kind of syrup and beverage also, Coca-Cola was missing the connection with its consumers and wanted to have brand visibility. The best thirst-burner bubbles and refreshing taste of Coca Cola was also not working for the company to enhance its visibility.

Coca-Cola wanted to have engagement with its consumers wherein its consumers can connect with their brand and related content from across the globe. Coca-Cola thus, took help of its global search agency, iCrossing which is working for them since 2007.

Approach / Strategy Adopted by Coca-Cola:

Coca-Cola is the biggest soft drink sellers across the globe but in the increasing competition even market leaders need to think out of the box. Hence, iCrossing came up with the unique idea for Coca-Cola. In today’s digital world, most consumers search for brand content online through search engines. Consumers rely more on their research through these search engines in comparison to the brand. So, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was a crucial channel and also the most needed requirement for Coca-Cola to leverage. Therefore, to develop visibility in more than 200 countries, it took help from iCrossing and made them their search agency partner.

coca cola

iConsulting decided to multiply all the content of brand which was available on YouTube and other social media sites. Right from polar bear video of the company on YouTube till the micro site which let it consumers laugh to the official brand site, iConsulting optimized each online content.

iConsuting decided to optimize Coca-Cola content and establish global SEO governance team which could match with business model of the company. The team used to bring delivery resources to iConsulting’s different offices in U.S. Latin America, Europe and Asia. Accordingly, agency analyzed these skills of local market and made sure that they have right set of search tools and personnel to serve each market. In this way, iConsulting team was successful to optimize traditional along with mobile websites, videos, images, social media content in various languages from different markets while leveraging each market’s search engine landscape.

Results Achieved by Coca-Cola

The above strategy implemented by iConsulting helped in achieving following results:

  • Most of the traffic fetched to company website was organic and contributed in setting a new record of getting more than 4 million visits.
  • Coca-Cola’s organic search earned reputation and came up as one of the powerful sources of consumer traffic, consumer engagement and media impression.

In words of Tom Daly, Group Manager, Strategy & Planning, The Coca Cola Company,

From a Client’s perspective, you are in a better spot when you work with agencies with talented people on the ground that is knowledgeable about local markets


Digital market is grabbing all industries in its arms. It has become mandatory for every brand to go digital and engage with their consumers directly. Similarly, Coca-Cola needed real time engagement with its consumers, expand its visibility and need global reach with right set of search strategies keeping international and local markets in mind. Thus, right set of digital strategies can make wonders for a brand and help in understanding the missing part in their company.

Image credit: Google Images & iCrossing

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