22 Best Content Writing Tips For Conversion-Driven Marketing Campaigns

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Content is the base of Online Marketing campaigns, and that is why paying heed to the best Content Writing Tips is very essential for running result driven campaigns.

Actually, in any creative field, content decides the connection with the audiences and then conversions. Listening to a song and reading a writer’s work is quite similar.

Sometimes you don’t care about the song if the song’s lyrics are not able to make an emotional connection with you; the same applies while reading something.

There is no doubt in saying that contents play a huge role in marketing success for B2B companies.

According to reports of the Content Marketing Institute, more than 90% of B2B companies are dependent on content marketing for their promotion.

Content will set up the overall design of your website as it is going to affect search engine results and the overall traffic on your page as well. Quality, as well as the quantity, determines the efficiency of your content for business growth.

Here are some content writing tips for beginners as well as others in the industry:

Best Content Writing Tips For Beginners

1. Start With Good Keyword Research

Content Writing Tips

Google Keyword Suggestion

A number of writers are not able to provide relevant keywords in their content which is really disappointing. They lose the track and hence it becomes a matter of concern.
Keyword research basically means:
(i) Search for relevant keywords using research tools (like Moz’s Keyword Explorer, Adwords keyword planner and so on).
(ii) Use those keywords in your content.

2. Never Overdo With Keywords

This is one of the most important content writing tips that you can get.

No doubts keywords make your content search friendly and valuable but you are not supposed to do keyword stuffing in the whole content as it will make your content monotonous and less credible both for the reader as well as Google. Pageviews will fall along with SERPs ranking and conversion rate.

Readers lose interest in your content and search engine may also slap down your domain. This is one of the most important suggestions given by most of Content Writing Tips for Beginners PDF.

These days search engines have grown smarter and Google recognizes what your page is all about.

3. Understand Latent Semantic Indexing

Working on latent semantic indexing is the next step after keyword researching through which search engine understand the relationships among different words on your web page.

You need to focus on secondary keywords as well as they can increase the overall ranking of your website on the search engine and your website will attract more traffic.

This is an important tip for you if you want to learn how to write content writing samples like a pro.

4. Hyperlink your sources

You will get to see this content writing tip at so many tutorials.

In case if you are taking reference from another website then always make sure to hyperlink the resource which is good internet etiquette. Don’t be afraid of traffic drive-away and cite your sources.

If you are citing a website for your resource then you can get the same favour from those websites as well if they get to see it. A citation will help you get backlinks as well.

5. Focus On Detailed Outlines To Understand How To Write Content Writing Samples

If you are working on web article or blog post your basic outline should include the following elements:
(i) The primary keyword.
(ii) Describe the topic and how your content will help in solving the problem. While writing keep asking yourself “why anyone would read this”? and answer this question in your description.
(iii) Write a bit about your targeted audience.
(iv) Provide a description of content upgrades.
(v) Content’ structure should be broken in a precise way.

6. Content Should Be Readable

Content Writing Tips

Readable Content

A campaign in France named Fight Against Illiteracy was launched in 2013.

Contents were written in such a precise manner that viewers were actually bound to read the details and they understood the value of literacy.

7. You Will Have To Create A Sensation Among Readers

No matter how many different factors we talk of, this is one of the most important content writing tips that one can give you.

A lot of factors decide the efficiency of any content like brand identity, timing and so on but you will have to fill the content with an emotional touch if you want to make it viral.

In the recent interview of HubSpot 3 marketing experts emphasized the emotional touch in any content which was further explained by Megan Conley, Content Marketing Strategist at HubSpot.

8. Get Into Your Competitor’s Heads

Again one of the most practical Content Writing Tips that will turn your campaign highly result-driven one.

You might do proper research before starting your write up. Analyze what’s out there on the internet. Make a proper analysis of your competitor’s content and figure out the following things:

(i) Terms and industry lingo used by them.
(ii) What is their tone? Are they funny? Serious?
(iii) Their primary content type. Is it a blog post? Newsletters? Get to know about their position in the industry and do better than them.

9. Use Speech To Text In Google Docs

Content Writing Tips

Google Doc Speech Text Feature

You can use Speech to Text feature provided in Google docs if you want your thoughts to appear directly on the screen. You can do so by the following methods:

Click on Tools option in Google Docs and choose voice typing.

Click on the icon and then you can speak through your computer’s mic to type.

10. Set Deadlines

Irrespective of the number of tutorials you might have read, you must have found such content writing tips in all of them. Setting deadlines actually make you more professional about your work. Hence set a deadline and finish the work within it.

You will be able to decide deadlines from experience. Set deadlines and analyze if the time is enough/less/more. In this way, you will become more efficient as well.

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11. Choose Action-Packed Words

Your work should be powerful and you need to choose the words to emphasize the action.

While searching for Content Writing Tips for beginners, this tip would be the most effective one in understanding how to write Content Writing Samples by developing an emotional connection with the audiences.

If you ask experts for a unique content writing tip they might advise you to not use passive voice in your content. For an example, you write “the lion killed the man” in active voice and “the man was killed by the lion” in the passive voice.

The second sentence feels less energetic whereas the first one is packed with action even though both of them have the same meaning.

12. Editing Should Be Done After Writing

Your first draft won’t be perfect. Don’t worry about that while you are writing.

Start the editing once you are done with writing. You can use tools like Grammarly and Hemingway to help you out.

Editing empowers your final copy to be the most emphatic and error-free one that ensures flawless communication with your audiences. This makes editing be one of the prime tips of Content Writing Tips for beginners PDF.

13. Brief Explanation

Always provide at least a brief explanation of everything out there in your content.

For an example, if you are writing content for a website’s support panel then explain about customer support, customer self-service and so on. This allows the user to reach out to the best resource easily.

14. Invest In A Good SEO Suite

Content Writing Tips

SEO & Content

A Google spreadsheet and some free tool are enough for your SEO keyword analysis but there’s big data to handle and you may get lost in it.
There are a number of SEO suites that can help you here but you will have to make a good selection. A few tools can bombard a lot of data at you and get you puzzled whereas few break everything in their own way that might not be comprehensive to you. Hence make a good selection while making any investment in SEO suite.

15. Remember SEO Best Practices

You can’t just repeat your keywords irrelevantly rather try to get it fit between the content. Do not ruin the overall meaning of the content by irrelevant use of keywords.

16. Your Headline Must Express The Emotion

This is one of the top content writing tips available on the internet. Reports have suggested that emotional headline will let you earn more shares hence target that area.
Work smartly over this area and don’t try to manipulate their feelings through cheap tactics. Your headline should be genuine and must contain the emotion that can draw your readers attention towards your post but don’t overdo anything.

17. Good Intros To Influence Your Readers

You need to write a great intro if you don’t want your visitor to bounce back to Google. Here are some of the content writing tips to write a good intro:

(i) Begin your intro with an interesting fact which must be true but hard to believe.
(ii) Create suspense by explaining a bit about the conclusion in the start and then slowly let the readers know how you reached there.
(iii) Use an anecdote in the start and provide your reader with something they can relate to. You can start with an incident where you failed at something and then lead to your lessons from the failure.
(iv) Start with such questions that readers get bounded to learn its answer.
(v) Make your readers reach up to the extreme.
(vi) Provide a fact about your reader’s detrimental behaviour as this will let them find out more about it in your content.

18. Be Comprehensive

Many writers and marketers are wondering about the word limit of a post. They don’t know whether a post of 1,500 words or 3,000 will rank better of it there are other options.

Actually, you should focus on comprehensive writing which means that your post should be able to provide answers to all the questions of the reader.

Ideally, it should be between 1,500 to 3,000 words but can it can fluctuate according to the need.

19. Title Tags & Meta Descriptions Must Be Good

Content Writing Tips

Title Tags & Meta Description

Whenever you make a search on any of the search engines the blue link that appears in the result is title tag and the description that appears beneath that is meta description.

As of now according to Google’s policies, you can write your title tag in 70 characters and your meta description in 156 characters. Make your brain work the best.

Use the following content writing tips to write these two in a better way:

(i) Your title tag should contain your primary keyword – You need to pay attention to this as this is actually one of the most important elements of on-page SEO.

(ii) Compelling meta description – Write your meta description in such a way that it can attract the audience towards your post. Make it alluring.

(iii) Stick to the character count – If you will exceed the word count it will get cut off and users won’t be able to see that extra content.

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20. Use Links To Your Advantage

If you are touching certain topics again and again in your blog posts then you can focus on writing on reference topics to avoid the repetition and then slowly link back to those posts in future.

When things will be interlinked, the search engine will recognize your site as unique and of high-quality.

Google also checks the links used in the post to determine the genuineness of the content.

21. Avoid Using Meaningless Words

You can search for content writing tips for beginners pdf on the internet and it will provide you with so many tips but this content writing tip is going to stand out from all of them. There is no need to complex words if simple ones are doing the job.

If you want to retain the interest of your readers in your posts then use of meaningless buzzwords is not a good idea. It actually degrades the overall quality of your post.

You are not there to increase the complexities for your reader rather they expect you to clear their doubts. Put yourself in your reader’s position and answer yourself if you would like a banana to be called a long yellow fruit? Certainly not. Simple language is what makes content good.

22. Measure Your Success On Social Media

Content Writing Tips

Measure Digital Marketing Campaigns

You check the impact of your every single work and you can do so in the following ways:

(i) Google Analytics: Learn using Google Analytics because most of the sites are hooked with it and it provides a detailed analysis as well.

(ii) Social Media Promotion: You must pay attention to your content’s performance on social media as well. Notice every action on that platform.

If your content is underperforming, refine your social media copywriting skills: You need to work on the messages that you share and need to write thoughtful content that you use while sharing.

Wrap Up!

So, these were some important Content Writing Tips that will help you run a successful and conversion oriented Digital Marketing Campaign.

Joiningthe Digital Marketing Course will enable you to dive deep into Content Marketing Module in association with LinkedIn. This will empower you to master content writing like a pro.

So, how do you want to use content to promote your business?

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